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susanr Colorado
10/20/13 1:43 am

Only by going out to dinner with my daughter, her husband and a couple who are mutual friends. The husband in the couple has a birthday the day before mine, so we're celebrating both. But it's really just a dinner out together.

comppete Las Vegas
10/19/13 2:32 pm

For my family's benefit. I personally would not. My Wife likes to take me out for dinner and gambling.

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
10/19/13 12:25 pm

Yes. It's one more excuse to get my pretty wife out on a date. Love those.

swjboucher Just Run
10/19/13 2:09 pm

That sounds like a good reason.

LilL44 Stuck In Suburbia
10/19/13 8:57 am

I hate my own birthday but attention makes me kinda uncomfortable but of course my family and friends think it's necessary so I sorta do.

10/19/13 6:19 am

No. I never do. Just a preference.

Kay41 the Midwest
10/19/13 6:17 am

Happy Birthday!!! It is yours today??

swjboucher Just Run
10/19/13 6:16 am

No it's my granddaughters she is 7.
But it made me think the last time I celebrated mine I was 6.

EarlyBird Portland
10/19/13 6:38 am

Wow, six is young to stop. I stopped after turning 16.

EarlyBird Portland
10/19/13 5:58 am

No, I never have.