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LexxP October 19th, 2013 5:56am

What is your opinion on Fall (the season)? Do you think the leaves are beautiful to look at? Or, do you think of them as something messy that requires you to do more yard work than usual?

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jrvrn Philly suburb
10/21/13 2:48 am

Our yard is thankfully small. The bit of yard-work required is sort of therapeutic, like spring cleaning. And the foliage is definitely beautiful.

JKL622 ohio
10/19/13 6:42 am

Beautiful to look at...pain in ASS because of the yard work- we have too many trees to clean up after.

LexxP New Jersey
10/18/13 11:21 pm

I have always loved fall. I think the leaves on the trees are beautiful. However, I think it becomes a mess when fall is coming to an end and winter is about to begin because all the trees have lost their leaves and the leaves are everywhere.

moonlightshadow love in the moonlight
10/18/13 11:00 pm

I think their beautiful what I love most is driving my little sis around and letting her see a the pretty colors of the leaves