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Do you have recurring lower back pain?

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heykvaz Northern Michigan
10/24/13 8:16 am

Chronic Upper back pain for me, low back is only painful when I over-compensate for the upper

10/23/13 1:19 am

Got it by lifting a plastic kitchen, lol. It was after a long day of moving shit!

10/23/13 1:22 am

It hurt so bad, deep breaths felt like someone stabbing me in the chest

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/20/13 2:17 am

That's why I'm awake at2:17. Husband slammed on the breaks today.

bmi444 Colorado
10/19/13 10:20 pm

It's 100% mental. Open your mind and Read Dr John Sarno's book Healing Back Pain. It will change your life. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis repeatedly and had pain every day for most of my life. Been pain free for 6 years. Open your mind and read it

azglockman az
10/19/13 9:52 pm

Chronic back pain? Chronic for back pain. :)

LT224 AZ
10/19/13 9:33 pm

It may be me...or the lumbar puncture I had a couple weeks ago. Who knows!

ladyniner81 I hate people
10/19/13 9:07 pm

I think it's either from lifting milk crates for 10 years, or years of obesity

10/19/13 6:57 pm

After 24 years in EMS, lifting patients and suffering back injuries...... Yes, yes I do

swingnfromtrees North Carolina
10/19/13 5:44 pm

along with pars syndrome I compressed all 6 of my T vertebras, now all the lower muscles in my back are trying to help support the middle.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
10/19/13 4:19 pm

Strengthen your abdominal muscles. They are crucial in proper posture and minimizing back pain.

peckz3120 Home
10/19/13 3:33 pm

College hockey as a goalie killed my body..

muxpux S.W. Washington
10/19/13 3:20 pm

The ladies have a higher yes % because boobies. And the age filter is as expected

laurknock Longview, WA
10/20/13 4:50 pm

And because we don't poop. Constipation is a cause of lower back pain.

10/20/13 8:51 pm

LMAO! Wth? ^ Ummm, you don't poop? Yeah... that is DEFINITELY your problem.

impetus ok who knows the way out
10/19/13 3:09 pm

Darn football and weightlifting accident. We'll it was still fun.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
10/19/13 2:07 pm

I have chronic joint and back pain. Don't know why.

NYevo NY
10/20/13 9:06 am

What are standing situps? I use the pillow between my legs too

NYevo NY
10/19/13 11:41 am

Chronic back pain. Becomes acute sometimes and i become incapacitated for 1-2 weeks. One time it was so bad a disk herniated, crushed a nerve, and I lost much use of my right foot for a year (its called drop foot). That time required surgery

NYevo NY
10/19/13 11:42 am

I was 34 that time. 38 now

LadyA Earth Explorer
10/20/13 12:46 am

NY what do you do for exercise if you don't mind me asking?

I walk a lot, strengthen core by doing stand up sit-ups, and sleep w a pillow between my thighs (recommended by surgeon). Whenever I slack the nerve pain returns.

NYevo NY
10/20/13 9:01 am

When i am good and exercise, i usually walk on treadmill, do pushups, and hit a heavy punching bag. I only get nerve pain lately randomly, from time to time or after lifting something i shouldnt

NYevo NY
10/20/13 9:07 am

How do you do standing situps. I use

NYevo NY
10/20/13 9:08 am

I use the pillow between legs too

LadyA Earth Explorer
10/20/13 11:38 am

I have one of the big gym size rubber bands. Stand on it, tighten my core and do bicep curls very slow and controlled w the other end. It actually strengthens the muscles in your abdomen all the way through. Nifty advice from a rheumatologist.

NYevo NY
10/21/13 4:53 am

Thanks for the advice!

10/19/13 11:26 am

When ever I find myself running for extended periods of time. I'm also 17.

emsies Seattle
10/19/13 10:32 am

They're called cramps. They come around about once a month for a week and make me want to kill myself.

wordsofwisdom Limbo
10/19/13 7:42 am

I get pain in my right forearm, left thigh, right knee, lower left ribs, and right shoulder... Nope no back pain here.

10/19/13 7:19 am

Scoliosis. It ain't no joke. After surgery it is 1000 times better but still hurts from time to time.

10/19/13 7:16 am

Never really did. See chiropractor every 4-6 weeks for adjustment. Dropping 25 lbs helped. Thanks!

NYevo NY
10/19/13 11:43 am

My fitness pal App is another good one

innate1 Georgia
10/19/13 6:36 am

Worked in a Chiropractor's office for a long time and saw some amazing things. They are not all created equal though. Don't go to one that never gauges improvement beyond, "how do you feel today?" If you do go ask the other patients in the office about their experiences.

duey in a fools paradise
10/19/13 6:31 am

My wife had a perforated disc that was giving her fits. She found a doctor that used non evasive surgery, 3 little slits in the skin trimmed the problem disc, ground off a spur and she's back to normal. On her feet the same day, totally amazing.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
10/19/13 6:24 am

Even after fusion surgery, I've become a walking barometer.

NYevo NY
10/19/13 11:45 am

Sorry to hear. I think i'm becoming that way. I didnt need fusion. I had micro-discectomy

Diogenes FreeMeBe
10/19/13 4:17 pm

That would have been my preference, but my MRI wasn't pretty and disallowed any minor procedure. Bummer. I'm lucky that I haven't required a C4-C5 fusion yet since both parental units had this procedure. Score!

NYevo NY
10/20/13 8:49 am

Sorry to hear of your difficulties. My dad had the same procedure as me too. The only difference was that i had it at 34, he had it at 64, lol

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
10/19/13 4:49 am

Three bulging discs in my lumbar spine plus degenerative disease.

fergie Ohio
10/19/13 5:14 am

Same here. I've had spinal fusion surgery and a neurostimulator implant. Pain is still just a part of who I am though.

haryson24 georgia
10/19/13 4:44 am

Yes, and I'm currently in the market for a new king size bed to fix it. If anyone has any suggestions on type it would be appreciated.

fergie Ohio
10/19/13 5:15 am

Sleep Number bed. Best money I ever spent.

haryson24 georgia
10/19/13 5:40 am

I wish I could get a sleep number. I hear a lot of good things about them, but they exceed my current budget for beds lol. Thanks for the reply tho.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
10/19/13 6:25 am

Get a prescription from your doctor and avoid taxes.

april4175 Florida
10/19/13 6:29 am

Funny, I have chronic pain from Fibro, and the Sleep Number hurts! I prefer a Tempurpedic. Again quite expensive tho...

haryson24 georgia
10/19/13 6:55 am

I appreciate all the info. Anybody have an opinion on memory foam?

swjboucher Just Run
10/19/13 4:39 am

6 hours of sleep before a wake up with pain.

deathvalley Chicago native
10/19/13 3:54 am

Only once a month >:(

The rest of the time it's in the center of my back.
I make a tiny arch and pop it :((

rcgrant south carolina
10/19/13 3:29 am

yep from skull to tailbone. and my extremities. 2 mri and no answers.. (sigh)

NYevo NY
10/19/13 11:47 am

Very sorry to hear. That must be frustrating not to know. Sometimes, when i gain too much weight, if i loose it the symptoms get better

furbabymama Indiana
10/19/13 1:17 am

My entire spine hurts. If I had known that I was going to live this long I'd have taken better care of myself.

NYevo NY
10/19/13 11:48 am

I wouldnt have cracked my joints so much when younger if i fully appreciated the end result

cyanospool The Deep North
10/19/13 12:43 am

Only in the mornings sometimes. I have no idea what causes it, but it feels like I must have been twerking in my sleep the whole night through with a pillowcase full of bricks resting on my tailbone.

fredd TrumpLand
10/19/13 12:06 am

Yup. I'm feeling it slightly today, time to go do those exercises.

megomez712 Vagabond
10/18/13 11:27 pm

Dude I'm 29 and just recently forced myself to pay for a MRI to figure out whats wrong and they didn't see anything.

10/20/13 8:46 pm

Same happened to me. I did physical therapy and that has helped TREMENDOUSLY! Still have bad days sometimes, but much less than before.

megomez712 Vagabond
10/21/13 8:50 pm

Yeah I did Physical therapy, chiropractor, different non-narcotic meds, etc... Still the same

10/22/13 10:16 pm

Well I have to do the PT every day, otherwise it stiffens up again. Try doing it daily maybe? Helps me. Doesn't cure it but is much better since I do it daily.

10/18/13 11:16 pm

It is hurting right now...took drugs 10 mins ago. :-(

alval California
10/18/13 11:06 pm

Thanks for reminding me of my pain.

BestSoccerPolls Soccer fans only
10/18/13 11:04 pm

I'm 6'3 so I expect to have back pain constantly :/

leilu SoCal
10/18/13 10:50 pm

An old torn muscle injury that flares
up when I don't wear shoes all summer!

KissandControl8 Equality for all
10/18/13 10:27 pm

A bit. I tend to have more upper back pain and between my shoulder blades and neck

10/19/13 7:06 am

Work on correcting your posture and strengthening your scapular muscles (rhomboids, lower traps, serratus anterior).

10/18/13 10:19 pm

Between my shoulder blades.

Grimmy13 Palehorse
10/18/13 10:13 pm

Yep. Pretty sure it because of my decision to spend four years jumping out of perfectly good planes.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
10/19/13 4:50 am

My hubby did that in the Canuck service. 173 times. You're both crazy!

Grimmy13 Palehorse
10/21/13 6:16 pm

I was going to come up with some Canadian military jokes, but he has way more exits than me, good on him.

Emma15 high school insomniac
10/18/13 10:04 pm

I have juvenile arthritis in my six lowest back vertebrae and in both my hips so I guess that you can say I have lower back pain...

JHawk3205 MD
10/18/13 9:51 pm

Used to have upper back pain, and that was straight misery. Now years later, it's lower back pain, and tightness in my side. It's much more consistent, occasionally as bad as the upper back pain. Upper back pain made it hard to breathe...

discer middle of life
10/18/13 9:36 pm

Not since we bought our temperpedic matress.

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/18/13 9:29 pm

Scoliosis. C curve in lower section

carebear421dm California Bay Area
10/18/13 9:13 pm

When I was pregnant, my daughter popped my hip out resulting in needing physical therapy when I was 6-8 months prego. Ever since, that entire muscle and hip joint acts up and hurts, it's very painful. :-/