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Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
10/18/13 9:09 pm

I didn't get any followers by posting questions. Just commenting in polls and getting to know people.

Kris Humidity Central
10/18/13 8:51 pm

Do you have the shirt that has the dope/tacos saying on it too?

EarlyBird Portland
10/18/13 8:35 pm

I'll follow if you promise not to post more than 2 polls pr week.
I can't handle anything more than that.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/18/13 9:06 pm

I hope I haven't caused any issues for you.

Kris Humidity Central
10/18/13 9:07 pm

Wait, EB, two polls a week?
I'll post 17 before I leave, so you don't miss me :P

10/18/13 8:34 pm

Make more comments. I joined in Feb and I'm at over 11,000. Follow more people, I follow about 250.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
10/18/13 8:51 pm

Holy cr@p! Where do you find the time?!?

10/18/13 8:58 pm

I do spend quite a lot of time here, but I am not even close to MrL and some of the other users.

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
10/18/13 8:30 pm

What is your opinion on tacos?

moonlightshadow love in the moonlight
10/18/13 4:44 pm

You can do it just hang on and keep asking questions I promise people will follow

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/18/13 4:19 pm

You are on your own, but I can suggest - comment on more polls and/or follow more people! :D
Commenting on SoH polls often results in a follower or two if it's a good comment.

10/18/13 4:21 pm

Very true. Soh also posts a "get new followers" poll once a month.

Commenting and following others (lots of people follow you back) makes a big difference.

Good luck!

10/18/13 4:17 pm

Give it time. Ask questions that are good and people will share them. :)