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goalie31 October 18th, 2013 11:11pm

Have you ever taken pride in something inappropriate/ disgusting (a fart, burp, poop, etc)?

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10/19/13 11:39 am

I'm a chick and I admit to laughing at my own farts when they're extra loud or stinky. (With my husband, not with friends or out in public)

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/18/13 4:28 pm

Duh, I'm a guy, think that's a prerequisite,

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
10/18/13 4:48 pm

apparently not... apparently my guy followers are prudes haha

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/18/13 4:49 pm

Nope just liars.. LOL

10/18/13 6:46 pm

Liars about being guys...