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veritas1 October 18th, 2013 4:39pm

Democrats: Do you support an increase in the use of nuclear power and the construction of more nuclear power plants? Why or why not (comments)? I've always wondered why Democrats of all people were more likely to oppose it.

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bringstheeagle Colorado
10/18/13 1:30 pm

I'm a democrat liberal as they come and I don't oppose it. Lots of government involvement regulatory oversight and monitoring and safety drills. That's why I love it. Lol.

DrReid Ever present.
10/18/13 10:27 am

I have also wondered that as well. I assume that some on far left will see nuclear power as a threat to true sustainable energy by prolonging our dependence on less desirable forms of power.

DrReid Ever present.
10/18/13 10:32 am

There are valid concerns to be found in nuclear waste disposal and the environmental damage in the case of a failure. But similar to GMOs there is some populist anti-science sentiment that fuels the true anti-nuclear power activists.

presleyc5 tejas
10/18/13 10:55 am

Not saying I don't agree with you, I truly don't know, but what anti-science sentiments are you referring to?

presleyc5 tejas
10/18/13 10:57 am

And your right about the threat to truly sustainable sources being an issue some have. That's one of my concerns, just not my biggest, so I didn't list it in my earlier post.

DrReid Ever present.
10/18/13 11:04 am

They just don't like nuclear power because they don't understand it, or they associate them with nuclear weapons. Most importantly, like climate or evolution deniers they use pseudoscience to "support" their arguments.

presleyc5 tejas
10/18/13 11:08 am

Thanks for explaining! I agree completely btw, I've heard those people spew things more than a few times.

DrReid Ever present.
10/18/13 11:22 am

Of course none of that is nearly as bad as why that one Texas congressman said about wind power causing global warming...

presleyc5 tejas
10/18/13 11:24 am

Hey I just live here! I claim no one! Most everyone else in this state is CRAZY... Not me of course ;)

veritas1 Panda
10/18/13 2:25 pm

It's true^^^^

presleyc5 tejas
10/18/13 4:08 pm

Well and veritas, I'm pretty sure he's not crazy either:)

KatG Liberal in Ohio
10/18/13 10:26 am

If it fails....well, that possibility makes me extremely nervous.

10/18/13 10:25 am

I support it, but I think we need to spend more resources on regulating and developing the plants and disposal better.

presleyc5 tejas
10/18/13 10:17 am

I don't like nuclear for a few reasons. First, I think it's irresponsible to to use it until we develop a much better and smarter way to dispose of the waste. Second, of it fails, it has catastrophic consequences i.e. Fukoshima and Chernobel.

BCKR Onward and upward
10/18/13 1:54 pm

And Three Mile Island.

I'm for nuclear power as a short-term alternative to fossil fuels. As for the waste, load it onto a nuclear missile (so we can get rid of those too) and shoot it at the sun.