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Arkansas123 March 31st, 2013 1:22pm

Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Bill Halter is proposing free college education for every high school student graduating with a 2.5 GPA or higher. Would you support this proposal in your state?

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cobro4 Ohio
04/03/13 10:36 am

Too low of a gpa. Plus I'm not paying extra taxes for someone who can't get an A average

cogster Iowa
04/03/13 5:37 am

maybe 3.5 or higher. today's students with AP classes get much higher GPA's.
My daughter graduates this year and has a 3.8 GPA and is only in the top
40% in her class.

jojo08 Odenton, MD
04/03/13 5:05 am

It's a good idea in theory, but it should be more like Georgia'a Hope Scholarship where you have to have a 3.0 GPA in your core classes like math, science, and English. Getting straight As in art and PE won't help you if you have a C in history.

jojo08 Odenton, MD
04/03/13 5:05 am

And the scholarship only applies to state colleges.

04/02/13 10:48 pm

2.5? Really? That's an achievement these days? Sad state of affairs, methinks

04/02/13 5:33 pm

3.5 + and unable to afford it yourself. 2.5 is not even trying.

04/02/13 3:40 pm

Someone has to pay those hyper inflated college tuition bills. I'm guessing it will be passed to Joe Taxpayer. Yey!

04/02/13 10:13 am

I say 3.2-3.4 from high school and you have to maintain at least a 3.0 each year

peacenskis Alaska
04/02/13 8:48 am

If it was 3.5 (maybe even 3.2) I'd consider it, but 2.5 is just passing, not excelling or even commendable unless you have just recently increased your grades from D's.

SassyCass Montrose, MI
04/02/13 7:34 am

That is a fantastic concept but where would the funding come from?

04/01/13 9:27 pm

2.5 is where I say no. It's just too low

nightcrow44 the dark side
04/01/13 8:55 pm

IF we had the budget for it maybe but not now geez what are there politicians thinking and a GOP party is even worse

sajerian Chicago, IL
04/01/13 8:38 pm

Anyone with a 2.5 GPA doesn't deserve to go to college. It should be more like 3.5. And either way, it's tricksy and shifty. I wouldn't trust it for a second.

shoppe4u Michigan
04/01/13 8:58 pm

OK, instead of have them just sit in a class room for so many more years how about we impove our public education system. That maybe we actually teach good useable skills before they graduate. Therefore needing less if any education afterwards.

04/01/13 7:15 pm

It's a bribe that will only cause trouble. I can see the headlines now: Parents making children cheat for free college!

04/01/13 6:58 pm

Maybe we should use money on things like children's education than on wars for oil that we end up spilling anyways. Thanks conservatives, a whole lot for screwing the country over. Perhaps if everybody had a college education there's be a lot less of them. And that's actually the truth.

scifelli95 New Jersey
04/01/13 6:18 pm

This would never pass...our economy is already so far into the red. This is one place were money should be spent. Let alone a 2.5 GPA is not nearly high shouldn't get any kind of scholarships for a GPA that low. Someone with a low GPA like that won't make it far in college.

04/01/13 6:07 pm

Just a question for all the no people. If society benefits from education and many of you complain about society, why wouldn't you want more people to be educated? Wouldn't it help society in the long run?

joker10980 New York
04/01/13 5:30 pm

everyone should get a free education. everyone should pay the same rate in taxes.

joker10980 New York
04/01/13 5:33 pm

everyone should work a mineal job or laborious job before becoming a boss or Ceo.

shoppe4u Michigan
04/01/13 8:41 pm

Very few things in life are actually free. Public schools are supported by our tax dollars. Maybe if more people had earn things instead of getting a hand out, more people would appreciate what they have.

poorincollege Boston metro
04/02/13 6:24 am

Maybe if the elderly weren't sucking our coffers dry we could do something with the tax money.

Alienmoose1 New York
04/01/13 4:44 pm

Why are republicans always crying when someone wants to spend money on eduction or healthcare but they're totally fine with subsidies for oil corporations and tax cuts for the wealthy? Who do you think foots the bill for those things?

shoppe4u Michigan
04/01/13 8:45 pm

I am republican, I beleive in actually fixing the educational system not just throwing bad money after good. By the way do not believe big oil companies need government funding.

04/01/13 4:13 pm

2.5? Way too low. 3.0 at least and should be higher.

04/01/13 2:41 pm

Where is the money for all of this coming from. I didn't go to college, and I turned out alright.

04/01/13 2:12 pm

That's wouldn't work here in Utah. I'm in high school and most of everyone I know has 3.0 or higher. Heck most my friends are 3.5 and higher.

04/01/13 1:07 pm

I would agree to this if the GPA was higher.

04/01/13 1:52 pm

Same, GPA needs to rise.

dpveritasgold texas
04/01/13 12:27 pm

Sooooo where would the money come from for this? Politicians seem to think money grows on trees.

04/01/13 12:01 pm

At my high school I wasn't one of the "rich kids" whose parents paid for everything. I had to have a job. Therefore I couldn't put as much time towards studying as others. Therefore my GPA was lower than theirs. I didn't qualify for scholarships so I have to pay for college.

04/01/13 12:01 pm

How about something for students who have jobs?

04/01/13 2:09 pm

I worked in HS and had a high GPA. It just depends on what level of work you think is "hard".

04/01/13 11:54 am

3.0 or 3.5 seems reasonable. 2.5 isn't worthy of free education.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
04/01/13 9:42 am

Interesting. After reading comments, among folks who are willing to consider this as an option at all, 3.5 seems to be the acceptable GPA threshold.

alex232 Pennsylvania
04/01/13 9:35 am

i would say like top 25 percent in class. why would i take honors and AP courses that will hurt my GPA then. lessens incentive

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
04/01/13 9:35 am

2.5?!? No way. It should be at least 3.5, and even that is iffy. It's also only beneficial if there's a stipulation that you have to stay in Arkansas for a certain time period after graduating college. Otherwise it's just a money-funnel down the toilet.

lycan1234 Boulder
04/01/13 9:29 am

Bump it up to a 3.5 and I would support it but a 2.5 is just to easy to get.

JohnnyBraska Nebraska
04/01/13 9:23 am

I worked two jobs to put myself through college. I couldn't afford to fail a class and I couldn't afford to miss work. It kept me away from the parties that ultimately caused my classmates to flunk out. I was born poor but my family has never taken any government assistance.

JohnnyBraska Nebraska
04/01/13 9:24 am

I worked hard for a better life and now everyone wants a free ride on my dime. GET A JOB!!!

04/01/13 9:16 am

I would vote for it if there were more rigorous conditions to be met. I would require a 3.5 GPA and a specified number of volunteer/ community service hours. College is outrageously expensive. The government can't afford to pay for high-attrition demographics.

wego Utah
04/01/13 9:06 am

I would say yes if the GPA limit were higher. You can get 2.5 by sleeping - let's reward those who are at least incentivized by a goal.

04/01/13 8:35 am

How could anyone vote no on this? Giving young Americans a better chance to compete with the rest of the world, hell yeah.

04/01/13 6:33 pm

Who pays for this? It sounds great in theory, but you can't just give away college education...the money has to come from somewhere.

04/02/13 9:05 am

The lottery, donations and some other program that doesn't involve taxes. It's in a link down a little further.

04/01/13 7:17 am

I'd say a 3.0 or 3.5 requirement would be better

Itabliss Hello
04/01/13 4:35 am

My state tried to do this. I was the first HS graduating class to qualify for the Promise scholarship. The state soon found out it was a promise they couldn't keep. They soon realized the requirements needed to be more rigorous in order for the state to afford it. Turns out people don't use

Itabliss Hello
04/01/13 4:35 am

Electronic poker machines THAT much.

nb35819 Atlanta
04/01/13 4:00 am

Wtf my tax money is NOT going to underachievers. 2.5 is a C average. Unacceptable. More money needs to be given to hardworking A and B students who cannot afford school. They deserve to be there.

04/01/13 3:15 am

2.5 is too low. I think it should be 3.1 for an Accociate's; 3.6 for a Bachelor's; 4.1 for Master's; and 4.6+ for a Doctorate. More should go into it than just GPA though.

04/01/13 8:43 am

Um but 4.0 is the highest?

04/02/13 9:06 am

Most schools don't weight like that. Most go up to 4.0 or 4.3.

gademchick Georgia
04/01/13 2:10 am

Sounds great but who pays for it?

smacc DunningKruger
04/01/13 2:43 am

If we just did it it wouldn't matter since it would be available to each of us. We as nation would certainly be more competitive.

04/01/13 6:35 pm

Wow, that last response by smacc and the two people who liked it...I suppose that proves the need for better education.

smacc DunningKruger
04/01/13 10:07 pm

I understand why you don't get it.

indygirl Oregon
04/01/13 1:10 am

Depends on the quality of the classes that earns them the 2.5 GPA. If you get low marks in math and science and get high marks in PE and music, you are probably less deserving than someone getting high marks in math and science. Quality should count.

cup0pizza .
04/01/13 12:36 am

I support free college education for anyone who wants it

trav Instagram, travisdover
04/01/13 12:27 am

I would support the idea if they had to major in a sector that is hiring

hmharris SoCal
04/01/13 12:25 am

How about those with a 4.0 or higher?! It's really not that hard if you put in a decent effort. I have a 4.5 and I think I deserve a free college education more than those with only a 2.5. Setting the bar higher would give them more motivation to actually try.

04/02/13 9:07 am

Most schools don't go past 4.0 or 4.3 because they don't weight.

03/31/13 11:11 pm

I like the idea.....but 2.5 really? I lose my scholarship if i get below a 3.0. A 2.5 at most high schools is a joke.

HereticPilot101 Arkadelphia, AR
03/31/13 11:07 pm

I would definitely support this if I were an Arkansan. However, as I am clearly from Afghanistan, I'm going to say no to this one.

04/01/13 12:11 am

Hey towel head, it would be awesome! (Srry about calling u a towel head, I figured a little spice would make it sound more epic, u know stir the pot. But honestly I love u guys, Arkansas people, some afghani people are kool, others are mean and would promote your doom, and that's not kool man!)

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
04/01/13 7:55 pm

What the heck was your point to that comment???

04/01/13 9:09 pm

(To be a dumbass American, shhh! Nobody knows!)

spezria26 Connecticut
03/31/13 10:46 pm

I don't know much about high or low GPA's or money or inflation or whatever but a free education for somebody smart and hardworking, I don't see what's wrong with that.

seandolan93 Cascadia
03/31/13 10:41 pm

College degrees are already suffering inflation. Pretty soon you'll need a PhD to work at Walmart.