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FollowYourBliss October 18th, 2013 3:01am

Anthony Weiner was being interviewed and was quoted saying, "And maybe if the internet didn't exist?. Like, if I was running in 1955? I'd probably get elected mayor." What are some of the worst excuses for behavior you've ever heard?

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10/17/13 11:32 pm

It's not what it looks like...

10/17/13 10:43 pm

It just happened

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
10/17/13 8:04 pm

Oh god... You hear worse excuses than this all day!!

MouseC0P Heyo
10/17/13 8:06 pm

Can we hear some?

MJSeals J.D.
10/17/13 8:01 pm

Weiner is a dick

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
10/17/13 8:06 pm

Weiner was caught with his Anthony out. He needs to take responsibility for his actions! Wait, did I switch the names around in that first sentence? They're interchangeable right?...