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Show Of Hands December 30th, 2011 12:00am

Does the device you are voting with right now have a protective case/cover on it? (UserQ)

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Wizeburger New York
01/12/12 5:20 pm

I kinda sorta drop everything I hold so i need one

nazihater North Dakota
01/03/12 8:53 pm

@d2aac1 well the inside components can still be damaged if you do, just because outside isnt damaged doesnt mean inside isnt.

umizoomi Colorado
01/03/12 6:15 pm

With the iPhone 4 you can't afford to not have a case. The front glass screen will break easily if not. Mine is silicone purple. ????

01/03/12 9:31 am

@meeeee: I can only imagine how they make your iPod feel.

01/02/12 7:32 pm

I have a Mickey mouse case on my iPod touch

01/02/12 2:40 pm

@d2acc1 where did u you find that case?

01/02/12 11:24 am

Speck candyshell all the way for my unlocked iphone. Too much money to go unprotected!

FearToFall what is this for
01/02/12 11:00 am

I have a cover on it, but it's not protective.

Moosey2 Texas
01/02/12 5:48 am

My iPod Touch has a plastic shell and my iPad 2 has a smart cover on it.

01/01/12 8:39 pm

Pink otter box!!! I love it!

d2acc1 Ohio
01/01/12 4:05 pm

iPhone with a slim case made of weapons grade composite polymer. Capable of being thrown 3 stories onto concrete with no damage to the phone.

01/01/12 2:33 pm

Gotta love the people that put their iPhone 4 or 4S in their back pocket. What part of sitting on a phone whose front and back are made of glass sounds like a good idea? At some point, you will crying to the help desk "It can't be accidental damage. It was in my pocket the whole time."

Happy Hong Kong
01/01/12 2:30 pm

I have never understood why people buy a device for it's thinness, or design and then put an ugly, bulky cover on it.

01/01/12 12:43 pm

No but I take care of mine and it is still in excellent shape. I plan on getting a cover tho...

mamita Alabama
01/01/12 6:13 am

I got otterbox and thank god I do. Once left it on top of the car and it flew off. And survived. It may be bulky but rather it be bulky then in a case that won't protect it well enough.

01/01/12 2:27 am

Otter box is the way to go. My phone has hit blacktop, concrete and been thrown several times and not a scratch. Also landed in the dog dish and I moved fast and all was well.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
12/31/11 11:02 am

if apple produced a phone the size of an iPhone + otter box no one would buy one

12/31/11 7:25 am

Sure makes the device look cooler. I should have one but I'm cheap

12/31/11 4:33 am

What are cases good for? obviously SOMETHING if ppl by them DUUH...I bought mine b/c the phone is too sleek and easily slips out of my hands, but my cover actually has protected my phone from numerous drops and actually maintained good condition, both case and easier to grip and txt

teaparty Cleveland
12/30/11 8:45 pm

I ha e dropped my iPod many times on concrete but thanks to my case it never broke.

12/30/11 7:29 pm

I used to, but the cover didn't do its job very well. I dropped my iPod on its back once while having a protective case on and the entire screen cracked.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
12/30/11 6:37 pm

My wife got a Nook for Christmas and a cover for it.

hitchens Ann Arbor, MI
12/30/11 6:28 pm

My iTouch 2nd gen has been uncovered for 3 years and it still looks and works great Not sure what cases are good for except for making it bulky.

peacenskis Alaska
12/30/11 6:15 pm

Mophie extra battery pack. Also, adds a fair amount of protection.

Rhymez Alaska
12/30/11 6:04 pm

Well I paid $200 for my phone so I want it undamaged for as long as possible. Makes sense.

Nerdz Texas
12/30/11 5:35 pm

I have a blue silicone cover thingy on it

12/30/11 4:57 pm

16% of people on this app live on the edge.

12/30/11 3:14 pm

I have white stuff all over it somtmetimes.

12/30/11 2:09 pm

I like it without one. The phone is beautifully designed. It's disappointing to cover up such a beauty.

beamie Michigan
12/30/11 1:56 pm

So one time I bought this black Barry had it for two days. I was at work one day and forgot I didn't have my cargo pants on and with out thinking slid my phone down my leg and heard a crash!!! Then I was introduced to the otter box, and have never looked back! From the crack berry to my IPhone 4S:)

dlyliny1 New York
12/30/11 12:56 pm

Sure, why buy a $300 phone and cheap out on a $35 case to protect it?

12/30/11 10:58 am

yes one of those flip cases for ipad2

12/30/11 10:38 am

I have a really nice Speck case on my iPad 2. I absolutely love the thing. If your looking for a brilliant case, look up Speck.

hipdip11 Illinois
12/30/11 9:59 am

Yes I do, thank you apple for fucking up the iPhone 4 haha

12/30/11 9:40 am

Anyone got a Trexta? I have a nice leather one

12/30/11 9:31 am

Yup...a pretty obnoxious sparkly one @ that :-)

12/30/11 9:23 am

Does the smart cover count?

12/30/11 9:00 am

I got for free cuz it was damaged already :)

12/30/11 8:34 am

Everyone has an otter box including me lol

12/30/11 8:25 am

i got a chrome back case from my friend. looks like the back w/o the writing and scratches. plus, its better than my old one, where the paint was chipping and color fading

12/30/11 8:13 am

Hehe, I was blessed-shortly after getting my iPod 2nd Gen 3 years ago, I won this nice leather case. Then, in 2010, after my family got me my iPad1 for my Birthday-I entered some more contests for skins & cases & won *2* cases for my iPad!! I use my "*speck" case all the time now. :)

12/30/11 7:50 am

Otter box Reflex on my iPhone 4S.

14573 Scary Numbers
12/30/11 7:44 am

Have a case but don't have a protective screen. Screen is really starting to get scratched up.