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sojourner October 17th, 2013 3:38pm

Are earmarks intrinsically bad for our country?

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10/17/13 1:38 pm

I think so. They are typically for some delegates pet project to help them get re-elected and do nothing for the nation other than raise taxes.

10/17/13 10:39 am

...what are earmarks?

10/17/13 11:40 am

A specific appropriation build into another unrelated bill. E.g. Congress agreed to refund the government yesterday but also lumped a couple favorite projects in. It can be research or infrastructure etc.

10/17/13 8:39 am

Yes and no. Ethically they are very wrong. However, they were often used to get votes, get things done, and control the radicals on both sides.

10/17/13 9:07 am

True but it's like a drug. When constituents see this is possible they want more and it's a never ending evil circle.

10/17/13 9:09 am

That's very true and one reason I see them negatively. I was just commenting in why they were used and the one advantage they have. That said I don't like them at all