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w3yland October 17th, 2013 12:37pm

If you were given the chance, would you want to meet Barack Obama in person? (or have you already?)

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nightcrow44 the dark side
10/17/13 9:36 am

Bush was just the warm up show for this idiot president ... I'm no bush fan but Obama is so much worse for this country

nightcrow44 the dark side
10/17/13 8:36 am

I would have nothing to say to him so no I wouldn't ... Worse president ever

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/17/13 8:48 am

So what? I still think it's be an honor to meet a United States president. Heck, I'd still like to run into Bush when I'm down in Texas!

nightcrow44 the dark side
10/17/13 9:25 am

In sorry I don't share your enthusiasm beach he us a terrible person and a worse president I would have no kind words to day to him as he is the embodiment of what is wrong with this country

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/17/13 9:29 am

I feel the same way about Bush..

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/17/13 9:46 am

Except the part about the economy because that's been under the control of the republicans for the past nearly 4 years now.

10/17/13 8:33 am

I'm not exactly his biggest fan, and I have just barley missed the opportunity once already. But, I would love to meet and take a pic with him.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
10/17/13 5:48 am

Of course - I would be honored to meet ANY President in person - Dem or Republican - heck I was excited when I got to meet Secretary of the Interior Ken Salisar