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moonlightshadow October 17th, 2013 1:18am

Just got 20 followers and I'd like to say thank you all who joined and have been there since the beginning and Tell me something you would like me to ask for this weekend and ill post it (answer yes if you have an idea and no if I should do it alone)

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JeremeFree California
10/16/13 6:27 pm

We want YOUR questions! :) if I think of a good question I post it, lol.

JeremeFree California
10/16/13 6:28 pm

Congrats on 20! I'm trying hard for 100 :)

moonlightshadow love in the moonlight
10/16/13 6:30 pm

Thank you the reason I ask is because after tonight my little sister is going to be with me for the whole week and I might not have time to post anything and I didn't want to disappoint my growing followers

JeremeFree California
10/16/13 6:41 pm

Oh ok, cool! Family first! How old is your sister?

JeremeFree California
10/16/13 7:24 pm

Then I have an idea for you. Ask kid themed questions and have her help. She will probably think it's cool! I know I would enjoy it. :)