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Show Of Hands October 17th, 2013 1:02am

Apple's recent iPhone 5C (the less expensive, plastic ones) is apparently a flop, based upon poor retail sales numbers and Apple lowering its production orders from suppliers. Was its price too close to the 5S, or was it just a bad concept?

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MoonFireDancer New Jersey
10/23/13 7:17 pm

As much as I like it, the concept was bad at the time because it dod look cheap. It's not really made of plastic though's a good phone I just wish that there were better colors...preferably red

10/22/13 4:38 pm

I was about to buy the 5c when I realize the 5s is the same price. So I got my gold 5s

Switchback Ohio
10/22/13 2:37 pm

It's rather ironic that many will be answering this from a 5c.

10/21/13 4:54 pm

I think it personally was a bad idea not because of price but the only difference between it and the 4s was it came in color... And who cares what color your phone is when the average person just buys a case anyway!

dogsaver new Jersey
10/18/13 9:28 pm

While everyone complains about the price of Apple products, the reality is, people want to pay the price for quality. When a cheaper Apple product is produced, people want the quality, not the price.

tony2k79 Victorville
10/18/13 7:04 am

If it was $100-$200 OUT OF CONTRACT then they would have changed the market again. But they went with the status quo so they deserve the fail.

iJake Colorado
10/18/13 5:28 am

You don't buy an apple product if you want a "cheap" phone. Apple is a prestige company and should of sticked to the higher end retail market

thndrstrike Salinas, California
10/17/13 7:07 pm

All I know is that I'm getting a 5s on Sunday. (Apparently, there stylize it as 5c and 5s.)

10/17/13 3:45 pm

Apple trades on the perception that it is a premium brand. The 5c just devalued the brand image.

crewsmissle Florida
10/17/13 3:27 pm

Little of both but what ugly colors. Why have 2nd best when you can have the best?

MrChris80 California
10/17/13 3:15 pm

I upgraded my 4 to a white 5c and I like it a lot better. I think im easy to please. Haha

kelsey498 Colorado
10/17/13 2:28 pm

Wasn't the point of the 5C to create a cheaper iPhone for people in countries outside of the US? I didn't think its main demographic was US customers to begin with and they didn't expect it to sell that well here.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
10/17/13 1:55 pm

Price. So many people say the biggest barrier to iPhone entry was price. Bad price pointing.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
10/17/13 1:54 pm

What difference the case color if you put it in a belt holder or shock-protecting cover?

10/17/13 1:53 pm

Bad idea. One of the things I like about Apple is that they seem to take pride in making good products but with the 5C they lowered their standards. Nobody wants a plastic phone from Apple, that's why there's Android.

Lelouch Partisan Free Zone
10/17/13 1:19 pm

I bought a 5c, it's a good phone nothing special, could have gotten a 5s but I didn't want the is thumb gimmick. I do agree some android phones are better. (Btw I buy a new phone every year off contract)

illinois217 Illinois
10/17/13 10:47 am

People you do know that phones coming out now 5c 5s probably had jobs say in it in sure they've a pipeline of phones with jobs say they don't make these phones 1 year after another lol

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
10/17/13 10:31 am

I still want to upgrade my 4 to a 5c

fmm Philadelphia suburb
10/17/13 8:47 am

5c doesn't make much sense in the US market but could get traction in some foreign markets where the price of the handset is a barrier to distribution ......

hposto Oklahoma
10/17/13 8:31 am

Bad idea, but what's new coming from that company? lol

10/17/13 7:21 am

I have the c and love it but on the other hand i could see how a lot of people wouldn't like the colors apple used...

trav Instagram, travisdover
10/17/13 6:58 am

Apple users tend to be snobs. They see plastic as chincy.

10/17/13 4:37 pm

Except Apple exists today because of the colorful plastic original iMacs and iBooks. If that iMac in 1998 had flopped they wouldn't even be in business any more.

10/17/13 6:50 am

I have the c, and it's amazing. Of course, that may just be the iPhone 5 part of the name, but I love the colors and whatnot a lot.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/17/13 6:34 am

I got one. My husband wanted my 5. I got more memory for the same price but the color is ugly. All the choices were.

centexken Republic of Texas
10/17/13 6:49 am

So put it in a case.

Diknak Ohio
10/17/13 6:34 am

The entire brand appeal is a status symbol and 'cool factor'. It doesn't take a genius to see that iFans wouldn't be attracted to a device that doesn't give them the status symbol.

10/17/13 6:21 am

5c would work if price was down $50 & there was no more 4s available. Maybe the coming iPod version will redeem it. Lol. I think the 5s is doing five in sales.

10/17/13 6:22 am

Fine in sales not five in sales. Gotta love text typing. Lol

ishady 86451132020
10/17/13 4:25 am

They need to finish the android body and put Steve jobs consciousness in it. They downloaded him before he died I'm sure.

ishady 86451132020
10/17/13 4:27 am

Siri is Steve jobs. Steve's intelligence retained indefinitely is what that stands for.

ceej Michigan
10/17/13 3:47 am

Re: the plastic, if a case is put on, no one can tell if it's 5c or 5s.

I don't like the size if either 5. Too long, can't fit in pockets, awkward to try to go running with, etc.

ceej Michigan
10/17/13 3:55 am

Because of size of 5, I opted for 4s a couple weeks ago.

10/17/13 3:15 am

It was a bad idea. Nobody wants to feel like they're getting the cheap version of something even if that's all they're willing to pay for.

ScrewU Gone
10/17/13 3:06 am

Only Apple would call a $350 phone "cheap."

jvberg Winter has Come
10/17/13 3:28 am

and behind they're behind the curve

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/17/13 1:02 am

Putting an Apple product in a Fisher-Price exterior was a stupid idea. Anyone young enough to want one is too young to have a cell phone.

kris55 Alabama
10/17/13 12:30 am

for the price of the cheaper worse iPhone you can get the phone that a competitor put all of its energy into making.

mac007 Mars
10/16/13 11:54 pm


DenisC NYC Rome Miami Beach
10/16/13 11:26 pm

"You're living in your private Idaho" - B52's

DenisC NYC Rome Miami Beach
10/16/13 11:28 pm

Oops , typo. Here we go again: "You're living in your own private Idaho" - B52's

634 Indiana
10/16/13 10:26 pm

The price was not good enough. And the color schemes were frankly feminine in nature. Plus people saw it as a "cheap" iPhone not a more reasonably priced model. Cheap holds a negative connotation of poor quality. Marketing failure is the culprit here

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
10/16/13 9:33 pm

Apple is nothing without innovation.
iOS 7 and 5C are pretty clear indicators that Apple is compromising it's identity. If they don't do something innovative within the next year, I'd say time to invest elsewhere.

polster2 US
10/16/13 9:35 pm

It's pretty clear that without Jobs the company is nothing.

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
10/16/13 9:41 pm

Hard to argue against that. Hate to see a company like that crash, but it will happen if someone with real vision doesn't step up. Current leadership is gonna sink that ship.

10/17/13 12:40 am

They never were innovative, that's the problem. Aside from the iPod, Apple hasn't really done anything but repackage existing technology and sell it at a higher price. Surprisingly, it's worked. People are just starting to see through it now.

10/17/13 3:11 am

I don't think Job's death really changed anything. The 4S was just as dull and uninnovative as the recent iphones.

polster2 US
10/17/13 5:03 am

You can't say that the company isn't weaker without him.

10/16/13 9:31 pm

It already existed: Android

10/16/13 9:04 pm

Steve Jobs would never have approved a lesser quality release. RIP...

alval California
10/16/13 11:18 pm

I hope you get more likes for this post....So true...never would he permit this mediocrity. He is rolling in his grave right now.

kubu1218 Texas
10/16/13 9:04 pm

It cheapens the brand.

indie California
10/16/13 8:48 pm

Should have made it like the 5S but in plastic. They tried to sell older technology in a new package. Bad idea.

mjrush Vancouver, Washington
10/16/13 8:41 pm

The whole point of having a less expensive iPhone was for developing countries. It doesn't make much sense for the US market.

10/17/13 12:38 pm

Developing countries can't afford apple products, they buy the same grade products for half the price.

DavesNotHere where am I
10/16/13 8:22 pm

It's expected to do better during the holiday season. I don't think it'll be around next year though.

10/16/13 8:10 pm

So many people were talking about how apple needed a phone at a lower price point. I'm really surprised that it was a bust, honestly.

MisterE Conservistan
10/16/13 8:05 pm

People would have bought it if it was cheap.

gonk In a psychology textbook
10/16/13 8:47 pm

What are you on about? Walmart is practically giving them away for $45.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/16/13 8:03 pm

Either way, I really like the iPhone 5c commercial. Marketing is one thing apple's always been (and still is) good at.

polster2 US
10/16/13 9:37 pm

As I recall the Ford Pinto had some good ads too...

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/16/13 10:48 pm

My mom had a ford pinto. Those were the cars with the exploding gas tanks right? Anyway my point was that I liked the commercial... I have no idea whether or not I like the phone.

thejoker Call me Bartholomew
10/16/13 7:52 pm

It was a bad concept because nobody wanted it. Whether it was a good idea or not, it failed. Bad concept.

thejoker Call me Bartholomew
10/16/13 7:53 pm

And apple overprices all of their crap anyway cause they know we'll buy it

10/16/13 7:51 pm

Let's be honest, only a 13 year old teenage girl would want a yellow iphone.