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skinner October 16th, 2013 8:07pm

What apocalypse would you rather be in: Obamacare destroys the economy or the US defaults on its debt, thus destroying the economy?

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rons Thanks America
10/16/13 1:20 pm

One has happened already! I'll work with the latter.

duey in a fools paradise
10/16/13 1:18 pm

We are already in the Obamacare destroying the economy phase...

MisterE Conservistan
10/16/13 1:16 pm

Government services would fall apart if the gov defaulted, which means the private sector would take them over and increase our quality of life.

political Georgia
10/16/13 1:11 pm

I do not think going over the debt ceiling would have an immediate impact on the economy. We can function without some agencies for a month. It would force Congress to make priorities which is needed.

Cole12 ...
10/16/13 1:15 pm

Oops, another mistake. J'ai dû le faire.

Cole12 ...
10/16/13 1:16 pm

I'm pretty sure it's like aller - you can't say "Je vais", you have to say "J'y vais".

skinner Jersey City
10/16/13 1:16 pm

Are you sure? That phrase is literally taken from my vocabulary list in French class.

Cole12 ...
10/16/13 1:18 pm

I'm not sure, that's just how I learned it. Casually, I guess it's fine.