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sohiskooo March 31st, 2013 6:05am

Do we live under a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people who are distinguished by family, wealth, education, corporate, or military institutions?

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Montego En Route
04/01/13 10:51 am

I like to still believe in pluralism, to an extent

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
03/31/13 7:44 am

That's a dumb response. The correct answer is no!

Aliggan China and Florida
03/31/13 5:26 am

As a mixed economy (of state capitalism and capitalism) the majority of the power rests within the state and or social elite. This probably makes up around 2%, give of take, of our lovely nation. Unions take a tiny chunk of power for our socialist aspect of this.

03/31/13 4:25 am

It isn't a complete oligarchy, nowhere close to that of Russia, but there are some people that have more power.