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WooHooBACON October 16th, 2013 5:19pm

For my followers only: Is bacon awesome? ( If you say no, you obviously don't have a life)

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theavgguy I.E.
10/16/13 1:52 pm

Eating a bunch of fat, no thanks.

WooHooBACON Hawley, Minnesota
10/17/13 6:00 pm

I like it crispy, with no fatty parts

nightcrow44 the dark side
10/16/13 1:07 pm

In a vegetarian so no bacon is disgusting

WooHooBACON Hawley, Minnesota
10/16/13 2:27 pm

I'll make exceptions for vegetarians.

MurikaMan 3.14 is not pi
10/16/13 12:33 pm

Will, don't tell people they don't have a life!

MurikaMan 3.14 is not pi
10/16/13 11:51 am

I just shared it! Not just your followers now!