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smithers13228 October 16th, 2013 3:41am

Considering you have or want a gun; you can only own one handgun. What is it? Name the make, model, and why in comments.

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smithers13228 Sin City
10/16/13 9:02 pm

20% said they'd want a revolver but no posts in comments as to which one or why. =\

talbotfarwell Appalachia
10/16/13 12:49 pm

I'd take a H&K USP 45. I've held one and it fit my lanky hand perfectly. Plus, those things have gone nearly 300,000 rounds between failures and can withstand drops, immersion, sand, mud, ect. They're beefy as hell, imagine a Mark 23 in 10mm Auto.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/16/13 6:27 am

Due to muscle and nerve damage, I don't have the strength to pull the slide back on a semi-auto, so I'd want a S&W brushed stainless 6-shot 2 1/2" .38 Special or .357 with Pachmayr grips.

rickvee Living the dream
10/16/13 3:26 am

Of the several I own I carry a Glock 21 .45ACP loaded with Speer Gold Dot 230 gr. I love the reliability of the Glock, plus it was formerly carried by a police officer. So if it's good enough for a cops sidearm, it's more than adequate for me.

think4yourself Not a safe space
10/15/13 11:29 pm

Is a street sweeper considered a revolver?

Sean Go Devils
10/15/13 11:08 pm

I'd go with a Kimber Pro Covert II , it's a .45 , I love Kimbers and this is my next Kimber I want.

jonfrei the boonies
10/15/13 11:06 pm

Springfield XD Compact .45
10+1 & will take the 13 rd magazines. Superbly accurate, rock solid reliable, and quite comfortable to shoot. Small enough to conceal & big enough to take care of business.

comppete Las Vegas
10/15/13 10:15 pm

I have two, but I carry a Glock 30SF. .45ACP with 10+1.

10/15/13 9:28 pm

Kimber ultra carry. It's not extremely practical or high capacity but it's one of the finest shooting pistols I have ever pulled a trigger on.

Sean Go Devils
10/15/13 11:11 pm

Love Kimbers. I have a Kimber Pro Carry. Was love at first sight

smithers13228 Sin City
10/15/13 8:45 pm

Glock 19. It's small enough to conceal yet big enough for duty/tactical use. Holds 15+1 of 9mm with its standard mags yet can take a full size 17/34 mag upping it to 17+1 of 9mm.

smithers13228 Sin City
10/15/13 8:45 pm

It's easy to fix/maintain on your own with cheap easily obtainable parts. Oh and it has a light rail!

lmurder MDK
10/15/13 8:44 pm

M9 Beretta. Out of all the handguns I've used this one never failed me and does a lot of damage.

knetzere Illinois
10/15/13 8:58 pm

My first thoughts too. However it's a little bulky

lmurder MDK
10/15/13 9:00 pm

It is bulky and has weight but makes up for that with its performance. I don't know how many times I dropped it in the sand and it never jammed.