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Emily33 October 15th, 2013 4:55pm

I read in a book today that just about one out of every two Americans have had an ancestor come to the United States through Ellis Island. Are you aware of any of your ancestors who came to America through Ellis Island?

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wego Utah
10/16/13 9:29 pm

My most recent immigrant ancestor came in 1892, which was the year Ellis Island opened. But, that ancestor came on a cargo ship through New Orleans.

Jungle in the dog house
10/16/13 3:04 pm

My ancestors on both sides came to America from England via Canada.

lyyved Virginia
10/15/13 5:39 pm

As far as I know all ancestors arrived here before Ellis Island was established.

LadyA Earth Explorer
10/15/13 5:07 pm

There are rumors of a distant great (etc) grandfather that ran off to America but I have no proof or further information. Otherwise I am the first soon-to-be American in my bio family.

LadyA Earth Explorer
10/15/13 5:08 pm

Although through Atlanta Hartsfield Int Airport, not Ellis Island :D

EmWalt Meet Jim the Duck
10/15/13 3:30 pm

My great great great grandpa and my great uncle on my dad' side.

comppete Las Vegas
10/15/13 2:49 pm

My mother, my father and my two older brothers. Their names are on some wall on the island. I am the first American born person in my family.

justmebcimme I live for Dean and Cas
10/15/13 1:34 pm

Joke's on you: I'm not an American. :p

carebear421dm California Bay Area
10/15/13 12:46 pm

At most on either side of my family, I am third generation American. My grandmother was born in Denmark, my great grandmother was born in the Ukraine. None of my great grandparents were born in the US.

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
10/15/13 11:27 am

Mayflower on one side and Jamestown on the other.

alek12 Orlando
10/15/13 11:16 am

My family came here and landed in New Orleans in the 1890s from Germany. Not sure about my dad's side because they didn't keep any of the history and it's hard to get it out of him. Lol

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
10/15/13 10:28 am

I've traced my father's direct line back to 1750, Campbell County, Virginia. Every family tree has hundred of branches. I'm sure most people have some lines that cam through Ellis.

GeneralDevin MN
10/15/13 10:20 am

My dad's a pure Native American so his ancestors were always here. My mom's white and came overseas sometime but I'm not sure when or why?

lmurder MDK
10/15/13 10:08 am

Here's another fun fact. If a Mormon couple didn't meet on the Oregon trail 70% of the Mormon population wouldn't be here. Cray!

JiveYoungKing The Banter Boy
10/15/13 10:00 am

Nope, and I'd be thoroughly surprised to find out that's the case...

Wes28 CBus
10/15/13 10:00 am

My great grandmother came from Italy through Ellis Island. My dad's side has been traced back to some of the very first settlers from England!

Emily33 North Carolina
10/15/13 10:34 am

That sounds exactly like my family. My dad's family came over in 1624. My great grandparents on my moms side came over from Italy in the early 1900s :)

Happy Hong Kong
10/15/13 9:57 am

My wife's grandparents did.