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melmeltx October 15th, 2013 3:07pm

The Pixies are my fav band! I was SO excited when the got back together in 2009 & toured the 20th Anniversary of DOOLITTLE. Now they're putting out new tunes & I'm torn. Should old bands stick w/ the classics or do you want new stuff? (new song link)

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FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
10/15/13 10:07 am

There is not point in a band getting back together to just sing people their old tunes. That's a waste of their time IMO.

melmeltx funky town, texas
10/15/13 11:10 am

The last album Pixies released was in 1991. They broke up in '93 & back together/touring in '04. Until this tour that just started, was only touring - and selling out - based on pre '91 music. i followed them on tour & loved EVERY minute of it!!

melmeltx funky town, texas
10/15/13 11:13 am

other bands that broke up have done the same thing- Jane's Addiction, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth. I just wonder if a new album 20 yrs later is detrimental? I don't find I'm as interested in their new music. But love the perspective, Thanks Femme!