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Rosebud October 15th, 2013 4:16am

If you had the innate ability to cast any kind of spell daily (or unlimited depending on what it is) but only one spell, do you know what it would be?

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ZiggySpringer Fields of Trenzalore
10/17/13 10:06 pm

Knowing the exact outcomes of decisions I would make.

fixitlater My Life
10/17/13 4:21 pm

Making people fall asleep and not wakable for 8 hours. Meet with the boss everyday at 8am!

10/15/13 1:13 pm

What you send out comes back three-fold. So you need to be careful what you choose.

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
10/15/13 5:08 am

Magnify learning, enhanced perception

jetstream6745 Come What May ...
10/15/13 4:50 am

A spell to retreive anything I forgot or lost. Both memories or objects

1txteacher Dickinson Gator Swamp
10/15/13 3:50 am

That students would act respectful and kind not just to me but to everyone, let me just extend that to ever student every where, or all work would grade and record itself.

Itabliss Hello
10/15/13 3:17 am

Is cast a spell so that i could eat all the food I want and not gain weight. Or maybe one where I get paid every day?

Ebola1 Florida
10/15/13 3:02 am

Make others slaves to my wishes.

Rosebud Ohio
10/15/13 6:13 am

That'd definitely be a once a day type ;)

ericson333 Los Angeles
10/15/13 2:53 am

Make any woman I want uncontrollably attracted to me.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/15/13 1:08 am

Silence would be cool. Boosted confidence would be more helpful to others. Understanding might be best of all.

Ernest Make it so
10/14/13 10:30 pm

I believe either time travel, or regeneration (prevent and reverse aging/healing of the body)... Can't decide xD

Itabliss Hello
10/15/13 3:18 am

Somebody is a whovian ;)

Goldiemol dry side of WA
10/14/13 10:12 pm

A clean the house spell used once a day to be used the moment my husband opened the door to our house at the end of the work day. The only thing we fight over is how clean the house should be. Minor for some huge for us

leilu SoCal
10/14/13 10:07 pm

I'd find someone grumpy and cast a 'kindness' spell.

cowboy Proud Father
10/14/13 9:22 pm

Unimaginable wealth just to be free, not greedy.

Rosebud Ohio
10/14/13 9:19 pm

Example: I'd pick cantrips, which are the little things. Opening a door, lighting a candle. That's very minor in overall effect, and would be unlimited. Something with a much larger overall effect, say reducing someone's age by 10 years or removing a

Rosebud Ohio
10/14/13 9:20 pm

tumor from others would be limited to once a day.