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Show Of Hands July 22nd, 2011 12:00am

If the election were held today, would you vote for President Obama or a generic Republican candidate? (July 2011)

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08/02/11 10:52 am

do over; by the way being condescending only shows the world how highly you think of yourself and how if only the rest of us could see the light! Sad really.....

08/02/11 10:41 am

do over what is your evidence, which companies? are you a "truther" as well? sure. it was started by small business guys that were terrified the mandated health care and the possibility of cap and tax were going to put them. out of business.

08/02/11 3:27 am

@jopat the Tea Party was not created "now" by corporate interests it was created by corporate interests in 2009.

08/01/11 8:58 am

a government whose leaders take counseling from former home grown terrorists, wacko echo nuts and labor unions.

08/01/11 8:56 am

so now the tea party was created by greedy corporations? why is it so hard to think it's a grass roots group that cares about the fiscal shape our country is throwing itself into. I get concerned about

08/01/11 3:55 am

@jopat I spent 25 years in the army, where having your fellow soldier's back is all that matters. Seeing the country I faithfully served prostitute itself for greedy corporate interests pisses me off just a little bit. So pardon me if I take a consistently dim view of their tea party.

07/31/11 7:20 pm

I'm not old enough to vote. But my views are closer to republican than democrat, so if I could vote, I would choose the generic republican.

07/31/11 10:47 am

for two Americans to see the world so differently is like being from two separate countries. I choose making my own way and helping those I choose not the government taking it and sharing with their base.

07/31/11 10:44 am

not some slick wacko Chicago style politics where greasing palms and bribing fellow politicians leads to the creation of what you call extreme right wing radicalism.

07/31/11 10:41 am

DoOver; I realize by the words you choose to use that you must be well educated, I on the other hand am not. I didn't get educated in a left wing college. I come from the real world where honesty and a hand shake means the person has character.

07/31/11 4:42 am

@jopat I suppose it all depends what you'd like to hope for. I still have hope that we'll get over this right-wing radicalism. That pernicious tendency has been giving increasing amounts of power to oligarchs and driving economic stratification. But we seem to be coming around.

07/30/11 3:55 pm

I cannot recall a time in my 59 years when I had no hope for this country maybe when Carter was POTUS. I totally blame my generation for all of this! The gutless hippie generation what a group....

07/30/11 3:28 pm

@jopat it is what it is. Southern cities are better than small towns, and I've met redneck racists in rural PA, MN, MI, and OH. But, yes, they're thicker down south.

07/30/11 3:17 pm

It's sad and pathetic to say something like that in such a broad brush. So now all tea party members are from the south and they are just polite racists? Iit is sad that someone can make such a blanket statement and believe it to be true.

07/30/11 3:01 pm

@jopat I spent much of my life in the south. I know the code polite racists use in public to avoid seeming to have bad manners.

07/30/11 2:03 pm

it's real easy to play the race card to stop discussions which is why you bring it up. where is the evidence of racism and the tea party?

07/30/11 2:02 pm

when the he'll did race enter into the tea party? it was brought into the discussion to minimize what your pouts and at the time both houses of congress as well as g bush. there are many of us that wish free markets had prevailed and whom ever needed to go out of business went.

07/30/11 1:21 pm

@jopat the Tea Party tent is bigger than the Klan's, true. But it holds no positions a good Klansman would disagree with. They share many biases, esp. racial and ethnic biases, but don't like to talk about them in plain speech.

07/30/11 11:12 am

you can demonize fellow Americans that believe in this country having a sound fiscal policy. the folks I see at these gatherings look like many of my neighbors. as you know there are wacko's in every group I.e. code pink for the left. to equate them with the klan is hate speech!

07/30/11 10:45 am

@jopat no, not at all like that. Liberals are rarely communist. On the other hand, the Tea Party looks like an outpouring of white angst over changing times and a threatened self-image. One can reasonably argue that the Klan was an earlier outlet for the same feelings of disorientation an turmoil.

07/30/11 9:58 am

DoOver; kind of like all leftist are communists?

07/30/11 4:50 am

Once read a tweet that noted that "this whole Tea Party thing began when the Klan started wearing Crocs." There's something to that.

07/29/11 8:34 pm

it always breaks my heart that today someone is this and tomorrow something else. No character! stand for what you are everyday not today I'm republican and tomorrow I'm a left leaning liberal, makes no sense....

07/29/11 8:30 pm

as I recall the repubs you say are far right just got elected because they campaigned on stopping all of this unchecked spending. they are just living up to their promise!

veritas1 Panda
07/28/11 6:26 pm

Is disgusting! Were a right-wing republican to become president and act like this, I would be ashamed to call myself an American. Absolutely disgusting…But more than disgusting, it is sad. It is truly sad to see them putting reelection before the people that reelect them. Sad.

veritas1 Panda
07/28/11 6:24 pm

@DoOver. I agree. The republicans have lost my trust and my faith in them to do what's best for America. Before Boehner walked out on Obama, I was an independent. Now I'm a liberal independent and moving more and more left every day. Not based on ideology, but out of shame for aligning right.

07/28/11 4:33 pm

@veritas It seems clear that Obama made the mistake of thinking the Republicos would actually bargain in good faith. Those first two years were the right principles in the wrong reality. The GOP deserves our scorn for creating that reality.

07/28/11 3:19 pm

Tht was my brother on my account. I promise I wouldn't try to start anything and I'm srry!

veritas1 Panda
07/28/11 2:51 pm

@DoOver. He still had 2 years with control of both houses. Yes, he did a lot of things in that time frame; however, not as much as he could have.

07/28/11 3:54 am

@veritas if Obama had not faced a disgusting, sustained, anti-patriotic assault from the Right, I might give him a "good." Considering the magnitude and intensity of this onslaught by the Republicos, I stand by my rating of "magnificent."

veritas1 Panda
07/28/11 12:22 am

@geo the doing nothing would be better than bush again.

07/28/11 12:13 am

@veritas, I can't even tell with which of my comments you're arguing.

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 11:40 pm

@geobelker. I can't do that. Had we done nothing, the auto industry would be in ruins, many banks would have filed for chapter 11. AIG would have failed (arguably the worst effect). Unemployment would likely be in the 10-15% range. The bailouts were GREAT and the WORKED. Without them…bad stuff.

07/27/11 8:43 pm

@veritas fine, let's just agree to disagree because the argument would be pointless.

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 7:56 pm

@DoOver "magnificent" Please, let's not get carried away here. I realize that @onendone has an extremist position. That does not mean that your opinion should become more extreme to compensate. That makes you look less credible and makes him less likely to listen. Good…maybe. Magnificent…no.

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 7:54 pm

@geobelker. I agree with your first comment (as thanks for the support). Your second comment was debatable. Your third comment was outrageous. The most I've ever disagreed with you. I can name at least 5 presidents I believe to have been worse (Hoover tops that list).

07/27/11 7:45 pm

@onendone take the greatest ballet dancer ever. Then ask him to perform on stage while someone blasts him with a fire hose. The republican anti-patriots have been a fire hose of distractions and politically motivated contradictions from day one. I say Obama has done magnificently, considering.

07/27/11 7:33 pm

And doing literally nothing would be way way WAY better than george bush, the worst president this country has ever seen.

07/27/11 7:31 pm

...solve all the problems that bush caused, and he hasn't solved them all yet, doesn't mean he's a bad president. If he had he'd be a GOD, which he isn't. I support Obama but I agree he's made mistakes and hasn't done a lot of the things he said he would.

07/27/11 7:28 pm

@repubgirl: you know what one of the biggest problems is with this country? Citizens not caring. So stop telling veritas to not care so much. And @every republican, just because everyone had impossible expectations for Obama that he would...

onendone On a Beach
07/27/11 6:16 pm

anybody defending Obama has their head up their a**. complete incompetent boob in completely over his head. face it. u were sold an empty suit.

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 4:44 pm

@repubgirl. It's ok. No ones yelling. I just have a way of making people feel like that if want them to. But I wasn't arguing with his "opinions." I called him out for his lies. His facts were wrong.

07/27/11 2:53 pm

Republican. If u think another democrat is getting into office now tht the present president isnt fulfilling his promises, u r dead WRONG. And veritas or watever ur name is: stop caring so much! It's summer and ur on ur phone yelling at someone for saying their opinion. Just lay off and relax!

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 1:50 pm

But, hey, don't let facts get in the way of your baseless rhetoric.

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 1:48 pm

@awt3000 a healthcare bill "that nobody really knows what is." And it's his fault you're too lazy to look up whats in the bill? You actually twisted the fact that you don't know what it does into criticism against him.

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 1:47 pm

@awt3000 And what do you mean "no competition?" The healthcare bill doesn't ban insurance companies from existing. They will still exist and where there is un-monopolized business, there is competition. You have no idea what you're talking about.

veritas1 Panda
07/27/11 1:43 pm

@awt3000 what are you talking about? Are you living under a rock? HE DID END THE WARS IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN. The troop withdrawal started this month. And Libya?! How can you twist air strikes into a war. No troops, no tanks, no warships, no bases, no fighting…sounds like a war to me…

07/27/11 1:39 pm

Obama chose to accept debt and fight the recession. It would be impossible to fight both. But I guess one thing the republicans did manage to do is create both... Bravo, bush! Great job screwing our country!

07/27/11 1:36 pm

@awt, there would be no way to solve the debt crisis in one term except to send the country into another great depression. And our country was doing fine until the republicans & bush took over, upon which everything tanked. Obama has been handed a country in deep trouble and told to fix everything.

awt3000 California
07/27/11 12:16 pm

U guys are talking about issues when we should really be looking at what the president has accomplish, or not accomplished, I should say.