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skinner October 14th, 2013 8:03pm

Everything considered, is government too big or too small.

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ProfDG I Want Truth
10/14/13 1:34 pm

Too big and way too invasive.

chickencookie disgusted
10/14/13 1:29 pm


10/14/13 1:23 pm

Nice profile pic.

kbluebird Denial
10/14/13 1:17 pm

I think it's actually okay in terms of involvement.

MisterE Conservistan
10/14/13 1:14 pm

We need to push the limits on government as far as possible.

DrReid Ever present.
10/14/13 1:13 pm

Why does it need to be called one or the other? Those phrases are pretty much meaningless headline grabbers. Lets focus on balancing the budget in a responsible, fair manner.

skinner Jersey City
10/14/13 1:17 pm

I made this specifically because of your comment

redsox95 New England
10/14/13 1:26 pm

Why does it need to be called big or small? Because its just facing the facts Dr. A government is either large, or small. Powerful, or not powerful.

DrReid Ever present.
10/14/13 1:29 pm

There is a difference between being small, and TOO small. The first can be determined by comparison. The second is just a matter of opinion, that in MY opinion, focuses on the wrong thing.

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/14/13 1:10 pm

Neither really. Too big in some areas, too "small" or at least ineffective in others.

Cole12 ...
10/14/13 1:09 pm

1000 times too big.

rons Thanks America
10/14/13 1:08 pm

Obama said, and proudly, that the US government is the largest employer in the US! Does bloated sound right!

OKOkie Oklahoma
10/14/13 1:06 pm

WAY too big...