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doctalk October 14th, 2013 7:13pm

When you ask a question are you more likely seeking knowledge or hoping to shift opinions?

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tdyakker lost
10/15/13 6:27 pm

To me the greatest thing about a convo. is what you learned from it. #2 is what you taught others. There is always something to learn and teach. I love to learn, just didn't sit still long enough in school.

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/14/13 3:55 pm

Can a poll attempting to change opinion also be unbiased?

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/16/13 10:41 pm

I am an MD focused on health education, trying to influence a nation focused on junk food and junk. SOH excepted, I do not feel at home many places.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/14/13 1:19 pm

It's often a way to show off something new I've learned, but it's also a way to gather opinions about it. And to learn even more on the subject from the comments. If I ask one I don't care about, I'm probably just testing something.

DavesNotHere where am I
10/14/13 1:02 pm

Both really. I usually just want opinions. But I've been taught a few things on SOH after I've done some research myself. I haven't tried to sway someone to my beliefs unless they have a bigoted view or uneducated view based on media propaganda

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/14/13 3:57 pm

Feel the same, however the harsh comments we occasionally see leave me with the thought that anything said contrary to their view is wasted words.

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/14/13 12:32 pm

Honestly, I mix poll questions between the two goals. It is a privilege to have followers. I hope you find my questions stimulating and on point.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/14/13 12:27 pm

I just want to see where others stand on the issues presented.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
10/14/13 12:25 pm

I really appreciate the structure of SoH, in the discussion. But, last week there was an NRA question where the vote was over 70% anti, but the discussion was 60% pro. Nice disconnect sometimes. Caused me to say something about "being the noisiest"

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/14/13 12:34 pm

Perhaps we will be trusted enough by 2016 to elect the POTUS

10/14/13 12:14 pm

Most of the time gauge public opinion an maybe convince some people to shift.