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Ernest Make it so
10/14/13 11:37 am

Yes, for several reasons: One, if we give in to drugs, a possibility of a narco state that we could become, just ask China how that worked out. Two, we may be doing it wrong, so we should consider different strategies. The cartells don't care and wil

Ernest Make it so
10/14/13 11:43 am

*will continue to be a problem, illegal or legal. Three, we should have better sense than a allowing life destroying substances be readily available like aspirin to adults. Four, drug crimes are terrible to those around the addicted user. Just ask

Ernest Make it so
10/14/13 11:47 am

any child who had addict parents, or a brother or sister of an addict. They are victims as the damage done to them should be a crime. Five, far better to spend our money on the war on drugs than the socialistic ACA. We need to address rehabilitation

Ernest Make it so
10/14/13 11:50 am

or addicts, societies dependence on substances by a continued heavy education to the dangers, and not give up! Six, morally and legally it's wrong, and should stay that way. Drugs are nothing but a cancer to society and must be cut out, not let in!

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/14/13 11:28 am

Because they are doing it wrong.. Arming the drug cartels, how did that help the war except they can fight back, better....

twss trump is a garbage human
10/14/13 11:22 am

It's a losing battle. Addicts don't quit because the law compels them to do so. Drug dealers don't stop dealing because it's illegal. We've seen this proven time and time and time again, over 30 years. Let's regulate and tax drugs so we can start...

twss trump is a garbage human
10/14/13 11:23 am

...making some of that wasted money back. Also, drug crimes are (generally) victimless. Release those people from prison and more money is saved. That's the shortest version I can provide, but I could go on and on.

RexKwonDo Funkytown, IN
10/14/13 11:20 am

If the war is just busting labs and dealers, then no, that's a waste to me. If its being preventative and informative to the youth, then I think it's fine to continue.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
10/14/13 11:10 am

Why should we tell adults what to do?

truantics Connecticut
10/14/13 11:08 am

Such a huge waste of money.