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EstroJen October 14th, 2013 5:12pm

Do you practice any of the circus arts like juggling, trapeze, stilts, lariat, knife throwing, etc?

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10/15/13 9:34 pm

I'm way to klutzy for that.

10/15/13 4:15 am

Maybe contortionist, but I don't like clowns.

EstroJen Washington
10/14/13 8:21 pm

Hmmm.... not as many as I would have thought.

EstroJen Washington
10/14/13 2:39 pm

You're still alright in my book.

Jungle in the dog house
10/14/13 12:34 pm

I can ride a horse, ride an elephant, dress like a clown ( wife says I do that every day) and clean out animal cages.

JeremeFree California
10/14/13 12:24 pm

I can throw knives, juggle, and walk on stilts. :)

JeremeFree California
10/14/13 9:49 pm

Lol. When I was 15 I lived WAY up in the mountains. Not much to do other then hike a lot, so I learned to entertain myself. :P

EstroJen Washington
10/15/13 5:25 pm

Well... seems to me that you made excellent use of your time :)

OKOkie Oklahoma
10/14/13 11:02 am

I juggle sometimes but I wouldn't say I practice...

EstroJen Washington
10/14/13 2:38 pm

I wish I could. Many in my circle do. I have family that can juggle torches, pumpkins and cats!

EstroJen Washington
10/15/13 6:34 pm

Like in the movie The Jerk. No kittens were harmed, I promise. Plus... they always land on their feet.

JeremeFree California
10/15/13 6:40 pm

I was more worried about the jugglers to be honest. I can just imagine a cat freaking and sinking its claws in..... :/

EstroJen Washington
10/14/13 10:36 am

Dangit. I should've asked peeps to specify what tricks they have up their sleeves in the comments. Rooky mistake. What's up Oregon?

MJSeals Esq.
10/14/13 10:15 am

Is sleeping a circus act?

Emily33 North Carolina
10/14/13 10:25 am

Only if you're in the audience