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JaidOC October 14th, 2013 5:11pm

It should be up to Native Americans to determine whether or not Redskins is offensive.

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TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
10/16/13 7:22 am

Even so, it should be, and IS, up to the team's owner to decide whether or not to change the name, AND HE HAS DECICIDED NOT TO, SO THE ISSUE IS CLOSED.

10/14/13 4:57 pm

I think they should have the right to decide. If they find it offensive, that feeling should be respected. It would be nice to see more respect for others and less judgment in this country.

Zealizabeth Probably the hospital
10/14/13 3:13 pm

There are a lot of native Americans in my area and they all call themselves redskins. It's a personal preference, really.

GeneralDevin MN
10/14/13 10:39 am

How can you say yes? If I named a southern team the n* word it wouldn't be up to me to decide if it's offensive or not but the black ppl.

GeneralDevin MN
10/14/13 10:40 am

No not yes*

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/14/13 11:50 am

Do you doubt that Black Americans would tell us that they find it offensive?

trollthepoll Pro Choice
10/14/13 10:15 am

And I am native and agree its offensive like many other natives