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MrMilkdud October 14th, 2013 3:47pm

If you found out that a computer virus was going to wipe out all credit card company records and backups (and all paper receipts would magically disappear) in exactly 3 hours, would you go on a shopping spree?

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Emma Austin.ish.
10/14/13 6:46 pm

no, but part of me would want to.

comppete Las Vegas
10/14/13 2:44 pm

It would not affect us at all. We have no credit cards or accounts.
No, I would not go shopping. I would feel responsible to pay it back, regardless.

10/14/13 11:48 am

That's theft.

cass95 Jesus 2022
10/14/13 10:40 am

No. I have this crazy, archaic thing called a conscience.

Kris Humidity Central
10/14/13 9:19 am

Project Mayhem?

10/14/13 9:28 am

In Project Mayhem we have no names.

Kris Humidity Central
10/14/13 9:31 am

Robert Paulson.

kjos USA
10/14/13 9:52 am

Rule #1 about Project Mayhem is we do not talk about Project Mayhem.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
10/14/13 9:08 am

Shocking! Most Dems would

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
10/14/13 8:59 am

No. That would be stealing.

10/14/13 8:56 am

These two walmarts were completely cleaned out because of something like this

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
10/14/13 9:00 am

Going back to your "racism" poll, would a shopping spree in this instance qualify as "helping themselves?"

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
10/14/13 9:01 am

Reminds me of the Rodney King riots where people all of a sudden did the most for themselves that they'd ever done in their whole life.

10/14/13 9:26 am

Gee, I wonder who these people voted for?

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
10/14/13 11:52 am

One woman had $700 worth of groceries in her cart.

rons Thanks America
10/14/13 8:55 am

They'll hunt you down and kill you! Your on video with your little card. They know, they always know!

MJSeals Esq.
10/14/13 8:54 am

No Because just as magically as the records disappear, then can reappear, and if they do, I'm screwed

Rosebud Ohio
10/14/13 9:37 am

That's disgusting. It's there to help you, the least you could do is be honest. They should prosecute everyone they know did it (maybe surveillance).

Rosebud Ohio
10/14/13 9:38 am

Well then... that was supposed to be a reply below. Whoops.

Rosebud Ohio
10/14/13 8:48 am

Talk about incredibly dishonest. No, I wouldn't. Though I wouldn't fight too hard to pay off the current balance if they insisted there was no balance...

10/14/13 8:50 am

This recently happened at a couple of walmarts with people using EBT cards

Rosebud Ohio
10/14/13 9:40 am

Replied above^^
But big time shame on the store too. They certainly shouldn't get a full refund, as they took advantage of the situation every bit as much as every shopper did.