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Mattwall1 October 14th, 2013 2:39pm

The US appoints you special economic planner for recovery. They give you full discretion to make important economic and related decisions. What do you do?

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ElwoodCornish Baltimore
10/16/13 6:03 am

Let Bush tax cuts expire and decrease defense spending. That, with a few more cuts and few small revenue sources, would provide a surplus.

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
10/15/13 11:47 am

I'd have democrats up in arms. I'd have to resign or be killed

10/16/13 7:23 pm

What are you thinking of doing?

10/14/13 10:34 pm

cancel the pay for the legislative branch, cut overseas military spending, cut support and foreign aid, raise taxes for those making over $5million and close tax loopholes

10/14/13 11:19 pm

The first part would be unconstitutional

10/15/13 4:18 am

they're barely following the constitution as it is, if they deserve any pay it would be the equivalent of forty hours pay at minimum wage at the most.

10/15/13 6:09 am

I'm not saying what they deserve or dint, although the last 4 are constitutional. But congress can't have a change in pay during its term.

Happy Hong Kong
10/14/13 10:02 pm

Cut military and domestic spending by 20%. Reduce the number of Government departments. Institute the Fair Tax. Eliminate ineffective government programs (like Obama said he was going to do). Reduce regulation. Reform Medicare and Social Security. Eliminate Medicare Part D.

bringstheeagle Colorado
10/14/13 7:21 pm

Regulate Wall Street, the Oil Industry, and multinational corporations; oh and raise taxes on the rich.

beanD California
10/14/13 3:50 pm

Contact my Econ teacher and a few Econ-savvy friends.

CalTexHawk spiral arm
10/14/13 1:05 pm

I'd shot myself.

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/14/13 12:08 pm

Establish reasonable Participation standards for receipt of benefits. Reward any agency that reduced its budget with a percentage of the dollars saved given as cash bonus. Not a perfect solution, but worth a try.

JiveYoungKing The Banter Boy
10/14/13 11:16 am

I'd resign. And then question their sanity.

presleyc5 tejas
10/14/13 1:44 pm

Lol ditto!

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/14/13 10:30 am

Me? I'd hire someone who knew what they were doing!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/14/13 10:16 am

I "fix" Social Security (it isn't really "broken") by eliminating the cap. I treat ALL income equally, and eliminate all deductions, exemptions, and credits from taxes. I eliminate business subsidies, and cut "defense" spending by at least 2/3rds.

Happy Hong Kong
10/14/13 10:06 pm

Eliminating the cap doesn't fix it, those who contribute more just get higher incomes in retirement. The only people that it "fixes" SS for are those in their 50s and over.

Allowing the SSA to invest in other things than Treasury bonds could be a great fix though.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/14/13 10:28 pm

I'd just eliminate the earnings cap, so you'd keep paying it all year just as you do for Medicare. I'd keep the cap on the payout, adjusted just as we do now. It would feel unfair, but I limited out every year for years and I'd be OK with it.

bringstheeagle Colorado
10/15/13 10:02 am

I'm with ya except defense spending.

Yoko318 Utah
10/14/13 9:27 am

Get advice from people like whoever is in charge of finances for the LDS church. They are able to care for not only their members, but give humanitarian aid all over the world just from voluntary donations of the members.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/14/13 8:56 am

Tell them that I'll report in for duty in five years after extensive research and interviews to come up with a plan for action.

alek12 Orlando
10/14/13 8:33 am

Does this mean I can make cuts and changes?

10/14/13 9:55 am

Yes and economic packages and plans

alek12 Orlando
10/14/13 3:29 pm

Reform welfare, possibly privatize social security, eliminate the tax code and replace it with the fair tax, change which countries get aid and how much and properly cut the defense budget. Also, figure out how to bring healthcare costs down.

10/14/13 8:30 am

I like your second answer choice! I would definitely resign, as I don't have a clue!

rons Thanks America
10/14/13 8:13 am

Meet with the captains of industry to determine their needs. Meet with the unions. Meet with our international partners. Crunch the data. Plan it. Next installment.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/14/13 7:46 am

The better question is - what DON'T I do?
There are an innumerable amount of things which need to be addressed.

twss trump is a garbage human
10/14/13 11:18 am

Hey Matt! Your upgrade is active as of 10:30 am CST! Happy early birthday, my friend :)

10/14/13 11:55 am

Thanks! I happened to see the switch in plans

Goldiemol dry side of WA
10/14/13 7:43 am

tell them to appoint my husband! the man is fantastic with $ if not a bit to frugal