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Would you remain within a five mile radius of your exact current location for the rest of your life in exchange for $10 million? (UserQ)

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04/29/12 8:00 am

This is an incomplete question. Are you asking if I would LIVE here and be able to travel? It stay right here???

philmchawk Gaia Agia
04/28/12 9:00 am

I would. I'm on the main drag of ABQ, Central Ave. World famous tattoo shop, lots of good food, clubs, and venues for bands, bars, 2 malls.
With 10M you could hire life experience to come to you.

04/26/12 3:49 pm

I think I would take the money 10 million is alot I could bring alot of stuff to within the 5 miles if I had that kinda money

sarakay Down the Bayou
04/24/12 9:15 pm

I need a vacation now. I couldn't do it

nyc93xo New York
04/22/12 11:31 pm

why not. buy a condo in manhattan and live life in luxury ;)

nae41904 Ohio
04/22/12 2:47 pm

I live right on the edge of the city and the burbs. I could have a very nice house and social life in a 5 mile radius. Stores, good eats, bars, schools are all in the radius.

lizrox California
04/22/12 8:28 am

what the eff are you gonna do within a five mile range with $10 mn when you live in neighborhood? screw online shopping, i'm about experiences

yesmaam socal
04/21/12 12:26 am

I'm sure you can get a better job and make more than 10 mill outside of a 5 mile radius.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/20/12 8:22 am

Snikt. Husband went to college in Ellensburg had baby one there too.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/20/12 8:18 am

It would be doable. Excellent hospital, good shopping, ocean beaches, health club and fresh produce all within two miles.
Family mostly 100 miles. So I'd say no. Seeing my grandchildren's smiles is better than money.

04/20/12 12:43 am

Tough to answer, but $10 million is a lot of money. But you sure wouldn't get to enjoy it if you couldn't go more than 5 miles. :)

04/19/12 8:03 pm

There is no way in hell somebody could get me to stay in this city for the rest of my life.

04/19/12 6:08 pm

lol colcat! i say yes....a bit of a sacrifice but theres a lake close by so i could have some fun.

Toledo Florida
04/19/12 5:22 pm

Question is too easy to misinterpret.

9teufel Connecticut
04/19/12 5:20 pm

Live here yes. Not leave hear no. I dont have a store within 5 miles.

04/19/12 11:43 am

it says "remain", which means NEVER leave that 5 mile radius

04/19/12 11:41 am

only if that 5 mile radius was my private property:-)

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/19/12 10:31 am

Just reread: "within 5 miles of your exact current location," so it might not even be your home, do you may have to live in the forest Not worth it! Even though I'm at home, I wouldn't want to miss out on the world; that's not even's existing.

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/19/12 10:27 am

@Meowmox, it says "remain within 5 miles," so I think it's safe to assume it means never go outside of a 5 mile radius of your home. At which point, what would be the point? I do t you could really even enjoy the money.

04/19/12 8:08 am

Sounds like a nice prison.

04/19/12 7:17 am

Assuming I would LIVE within 5 miles I answered yes, if my movements were restricted to 5 miles then no.

04/19/12 6:15 am

Hell yeah I would! To those who said no, look at this way: you could spread this out to be $100,000 a year for 100 years. The older you are, the more you can spend a year for the rest of your life. I'd probably drop out of college and live more comfortably than most families for nothing lol!

04/19/12 3:59 am

5 mile radius, sure. I can have everything delivered directly to my door

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
04/19/12 3:06 am

I'm currently in the Amsterdam airport. There is no chance for any amount of money, I'd stay within 5 miles of here.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/19/12 12:55 am

I'd stay in my state for that money.

Colcat Kentucky
04/19/12 12:48 am

Hell , I do it for free already

nogoodname League City
04/19/12 12:38 am

I might have misread it. Live yes. Stay and not do anything else. Maybe not. I would have everything I need. Hair dresser grocery store. Mini mart. Bar. But to beer go anywhere else would be tough. Still for ten million yeah I would do it.

cruckel Shadow Moses Island
04/18/12 11:52 pm

Only 10 mil? Half of it would be taxed and all the income from the investments would be taxed too!

04/18/12 11:46 pm

Utah, Delaware, New Hampshire, and especially Wyoming...all very unhappy places, apparently.

04/18/12 10:30 pm

Heck yeah. Kittitas County all the way!!

Nerdz Texas
04/18/12 10:05 pm

i am at home,so yes? it is kinda nice here and it would be awesome to get 10 million

04/18/12 9:12 pm

wait. read that wrong. definitely not if I couldn't travel...I'd for sure live within a 5 mile radius of where I do now if I could travel to wherever.

04/18/12 9:11 pm

hell yes. I love where I live. (:

trav Instagram, travisdover
04/18/12 9:06 pm

Yes with all of downtown Austin, I'd have plenty of things to do. My radius would stop just short of UT I think. So much for chess club.

NJConserve New Jersey
04/18/12 7:47 pm

What would be the point of having so much money if you can't travel outside of five miles? You'd end up buying everything in the five miles and kicking everyone out lol

04/18/12 6:54 pm

Price of your freedom.

countrytboy Georgia
04/18/12 6:32 pm

Theres way to many people around now. I couldnt do it

04/18/12 5:46 pm

I work from home, so I don't have to venture out for work. if I lost this job, I am pretty sure I could live off the dividends or interest from $10 million. It would only take 0.2% return to match my current take home pay.

04/18/12 5:43 pm

During a 6 month deployment, I spent almost 4 months straight on a 600 foot ship and that was back in the days when there was no such thing as email on a Navy ship. I would gladly do it for 1/10th the price.

04/18/12 5:27 pm

With only ten million I'd have to get a job, but there aren't any here where I live in the country. No way I'd do it.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
04/18/12 5:20 pm

I sure would. I already have everything I want and need within five miles, and rarely leave outside this radius to begin with. All my family, my job, kids' schools, shopping (grocery and clothing), yeah, give me $10mil to stay home, I'd love it

04/18/12 5:02 pm

I'd go nuts only being able to go five miles for the rest of my life.

DeathSheep Michigan
04/18/12 4:49 pm

And the people suing how can you spend the money in only a 5 mile radius, have you never shopped online? Lol

DeathSheep Michigan
04/18/12 4:46 pm

Well I have a hospital, dentist, and grocery store within 10 miles but I like to move and have fun so... No. $10 million a year though I might think about it

04/18/12 3:28 pm

I said yes- cause I'm in Cantonment (FL), not Fourchon (LA)!

ncbuc Get Over It
04/18/12 3:22 pm

People are crazy. Hope you have a grocery store and hospital within 5 miles.