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jrvrn Philly suburb
10/14/13 12:26 pm

Funny Sail parody: Snail. I thought it was amusing.

JennaAwesome Book Lover
10/14/13 8:38 am

Well look up wake up and sail

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/14/13 7:58 am




EarlyBird Portland
10/14/13 11:49 am

Very creative beach :-)

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/14/13 11:51 am

We used to do this to my teacher.

"What's sail?"

Everybody shouts, "SAIL!!!"


MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/14/13 7:22 am

I only know a few of their songs, and they're pretty good.

JennaAwesome Book Lover
10/14/13 7:07 am

Example songs: sail, wake up, kill your heroes