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Mattwall1 October 14th, 2013 1:57pm

Would you approve of just scrapping the debt dealing altogether, meaning that if/when Congress approves deficit spending, it also automatically approves the ability to pay for it?

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steelcity Pittsburgh
10/14/13 7:05 pm

It's nice for congress to run into a brick wall once in a wall. Let's them know we hate them.

jvc1133 61535
10/14/13 12:29 pm

Any discussion of debt calling is pxxxxxg in the wind

fredd TrumpLand
10/14/13 11:29 am

Yes. The debt ceiling is not and cannot be effective in reining in debt, except as an economic weapon of mass destruction. It's so risky that even the talk of refusing to raise the limit has already cost billions of dollars.

10/14/13 2:56 pm

Now how do we get more people to realize this?

10/14/13 11:28 am

Yes the debt ceiling creates a false promise. It's like agreeing with your spouse that we will lease a car without agreeing to pay for it.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/14/13 9:30 am

Definitely. There is no debt except for that, not just incurred by congress, but actually *required* by congress. So what is the point of a "limit" placed on congress by congress that congress not only will raise, but *must* raise?

rons Thanks America
10/14/13 8:30 am

The ceiling is there for a reason. To keep an administration in check with their spending. 17 trillion is a lot. You owe 150 k! Pay up!

10/14/13 7:13 am

Feel free to share this. I want to get as many points of view as I can

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
10/14/13 6:59 am

Wouldn't that make more sense

10/14/13 7:00 am

Yes. Most countries,do this and don't threaten the world economy every x months when they have to negotiate a new ceiling.

rons Thanks America
10/14/13 8:24 am

Most countries are broke. Only Germany is in pretty good shape. Frugal group.

10/14/13 10:01 am

Most countries don't threaten to tank the world economy by not raising a debt ceiling and going into default

rons Thanks America
10/14/13 2:53 pm

They already tanked it without our help. 2/3 thirds of the Greeks work for the government. How can they sustain themselves.
Retire at 52 with full pay and benefits. They made their own bed.

rons Thanks America
10/14/13 2:55 pm

Merkel is tired of funding europe. They should have a war and this time we don't help them.