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jmw7477 Indiana
10/14/13 7:43 am

Body wash is better for your plumbing. Whatever keeps the bar together makes it cake up in your pipes once it goes down the drain.

DavesNotHere where am I
10/14/13 8:44 am

Oh, that kind of plumbing..

jmw7477 Indiana
10/14/13 9:00 am

Yes. I wanted to make sure people knew I was talking about the house.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
10/14/13 7:01 am

Body Wash - White Citrus from Bath and Body Works

musicfreak Loving Life
10/14/13 6:53 am

I use the bar first and if I want to feel extra clean then I use the body wash. Never just the body wash though.

Derpalicious We are not our failures
10/14/13 6:47 am

I hate the body wash, I feel it doesn't quite get the job done. Lol

Jungle in the dog house
10/14/13 1:05 pm

Interesting, I use body wash because it does a better job. It's the suds that lift the dirt away, and body wash suds up much better than bar soap.

Ebola1 Florida
10/14/13 2:18 pm

I agree. I hate that feeling that you can't completely rinse it off