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auntdo October 14th, 2013 11:57am

Option 1: Continue with obamacare, raise the debt ceiling, add taxes & end the shut down now. Option 2: Continue the shut down til Dec. 31, don't raise the debt ceiling, repeal obamacare, cut spending 10% (except military) & create a flat income tax

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10/15/13 11:55 am

To those who voted for option 1, why? Explain to me in an intellectual manner how raising our debt is good for the country. Please?

porkchop New Jersey
10/15/13 7:33 am

Force congress and senators as well as Obama and Biden to use the Obama care program for minimal of 2 year! Set the example if its so good. And coverage that the average American would be able to afford. No more!!!

porkchop New Jersey
10/15/13 7:26 am

Option #2 is by far the most intellectual choice. Health care needs to be looked at , but Obama Care will destroy the economy worst than Obama has already!