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MJSeals October 14th, 2013 5:03am

When opening the door to my car I hit myself in the eye breaking my glasses and cutting my face. Have you ever done something to hurt yourself on accident?

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wego Utah
10/15/13 5:43 am

They call me Grace. It's not my name. So....yes.

10/14/13 9:31 pm

I was swinging myself backward and forward using two cars to brace myself. I went to far forward and split my forehead open. The funny part of this is when I went in the house, my mom told me to wipe that ketchup off my face.

10/14/13 8:10 pm

Broke 3 bones in my foot running to grab the phone on the rocker of a rocking chair, I also had a HUGE egg size hematoma on the top of the that foot. This happened 3 weeks before month long motorcycle trip with foot in a boot... I'm a klutz

lizardlipsohio The TARDIS
10/14/13 8:04 pm

Crushed my pinkie in the door once. I almost cried! We also have a large, metal door

jenks76 Western Kentucky
10/14/13 2:33 pm

I hope you hurt yourself on accident. If it's intentional you might need some therapy.

kc17 Minnesota
10/14/13 1:25 pm

Stepped on a toothpick which ended up in my foot for 2 1/2 weeks without my knowledge. Hurt like crap though.

MJSeals Esq.
10/14/13 3:53 pm

If you saw my face when I read this

kc17 Minnesota
10/14/13 7:16 pm

Hahahaha it sucked so bad. I was in Florida on vacation the day after it happened so I couldn't really do anything about it. We didn't know what was wrong, so I was in so much pain. Its a super funny story now looking back at it though. :)

GotHeem Indiana
10/14/13 8:19 am

It was after baseball practice at my grandparents house and my dad said they probably had some cookies inside. I yelled, "Cookies!" And started running before the lights were on. I then proceeded to flip over a wheel barrel and land face first

MJSeals Esq.
10/14/13 7:54 am

Don't ask

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/14/13 5:27 am

Did anyone get this little scene on video for YouTube? The SOH-Doh! Channel...

heyitskay Boston
10/14/13 5:00 am

Too many times. I am so clumsy.

rickvee Living the dream
10/14/13 4:55 am

I did what battered wives say they did, I walked into the edge of a door

10/14/13 4:17 am

And yes. All the time. I'm still wearing a walking boot and hobbling around thanks to one of those moments 4 weeks ago.

evoecon nearest binary system
10/14/13 3:27 am

Car door into me chin, twice. Plus, I grew up on a farm, lots of cuts and bruises. Luckily, never broke a bone.

riggsy Myrtle Beach, S.C.
10/14/13 2:52 am

Natural born klutz here. It drives my husband crazy because I am always hurting myself.

10/14/13 8:12 pm


smacc DunningKruger
10/14/13 12:38 am

Really who hasn't. You can always remember those painful moments no matter your age.

wendit Chicago
10/13/13 11:56 pm

I'm a huge klutz, I manage to hurt myself every few weeks.

beanD California
10/13/13 10:39 pm

Well, I was leaning forward in my chair in Spanish class last week, and all of a sudden I tipped forward and landed in a huge pile on the floor. Nothing was hurt, except my pride. Classmates got a good laugh out of that one.

10/13/13 10:08 pm

Funny timing. I just was watching sohoa on my laptop a couple hours ago with my headphones plugged in, I got up to walk away, and my headphones were still attached. My poor ears.

Trust me, it's way more painful when it's unexpected.

bringstheeagle Colorado
10/13/13 10:08 pm

Hit my foot on a bed rail once - swelling ruined my toenail painful.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/13/13 10:04 pm

Ever? Yeah.
I haven't done so recently.

10/13/13 10:07 pm

What did you do? And mr L, just curious do you have a Skype or anything?

10/13/13 10:13 pm

Ooh Skype. Come join our budget convos! They're riveting.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/13/13 10:18 pm

I punched a wall, and I broke my wrist when I was younger. Certainly not purposeful.

Matt - I do have a Skype, but just email me at

10/13/13 10:21 pm

Ok thanks. So you accidentally punched a wall?

10/13/13 10:22 pm do you accidentally punch a wall...

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/13/13 10:23 pm

Meaning to punch a punching bag and punching a wall instead.

10/13/13 10:24 pm

See, MrL? This is why we aim for people, not punching bags.