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pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/15/13 4:16 am

The principles that America was founded on promote it. But the U.S. government seems more interested in squashing citizens' freedom these days.

skinner Jersey City
10/14/13 4:38 am

Yes, although recently we have strayed from those values

fixitlater My Life
10/14/13 3:31 am

Yes and if you do not understand that go overseas and live for five years and see what that is like.

Skarface Banned
10/14/13 4:00 am

I'd got to the Netherlands for 5 years, but I'm afraid that I'll be so free that I won't want to come back.

fixitlater My Life
10/14/13 1:49 pm

True on some levels but very not true on others.

maltz earth
10/14/13 1:40 am

It was in the beginning, but the limitations and restrictions that were set and are currently being set move us away from freedom more and more. It's all an illusion of freedom.

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
10/13/13 9:57 pm

Sure but it certainly is not the only country that does so, not even close to the only country.

10/13/13 9:40 pm

We stand for it, but that doesn't mean that's what we always accomplish.

Vincere Seattle
10/13/13 8:37 pm

Freemocracy, Libertunity, and supercapitalism.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
10/13/13 8:30 pm

Margaret Thatcher made notice of a turn against freedom since 2009 in the US

suppressedID hope despite the times
10/13/13 8:34 pm


Who cares?

Vincere Seattle
10/13/13 8:38 pm

Yeah, this is Merica, not Britland or Engtain.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
10/13/13 8:45 pm

Any other country...who cares? Logical :/

Vincere Seattle
10/13/13 8:49 pm

kscott: If you don't love America, you can just go live in Great England.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
10/13/13 9:05 pm

Another great argument from a progressive. Do you guys ever stop to even think before making stupid statements?

Vincere Seattle
10/13/13 9:38 pm

How are those progressive statements?

Vincere Seattle
10/14/13 12:05 pm

What makes you think I'm a liberal?

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
10/14/13 12:09 pm

Mine was a question, not a statement. But an educated guess puts you as a liberal.

Vincere Seattle
10/14/13 12:18 pm

More of a moderate, I was just being sarcastic earlier. I always respected Thatcher as a leader and stateswoman, but I seriously don't appreciate people from other countries judging us.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
10/14/13 12:21 pm

She made an observation, not a judgment, and a pretty good one I think.

Vincere Seattle
10/14/13 12:24 pm

It's an oversimplification. Our country's relationship with freedom has been more of a complex dance than a simple turn.

heyitskay Boston
10/13/13 8:21 pm

Compared to a lot of other countries.

swjboucher Just Run
10/13/13 8:19 pm

It once did but no more.

EmWalt Meet Jim the Duck
10/13/13 8:13 pm

I just have to say: I'm noticing a trend. The 21-40-year-olds are consistently more narcissistic and pessimistic than either of the other two age groups

10/14/13 4:55 am

Hey hey! Maybe it's because we probably struggle the most financially? Most of the under 21s still live at home, I would guess. Most of the over 40s were probably somewhat settled when all this shitstorm started a few years ago with the economy.