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neuron28 October 14th, 2013 2:10am

Do you suppose no-questions-asked needle exchanges? Pros: would limit diseases among illegal drug users. Cons: many say it is supporting illegal drug use.

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stefanie22 Cincinnati
10/14/13 7:36 am

Support or Oppose? I'm confused.

Support. But it should come with a program that strongly pushes treatment to get clean.

stefanie22 Cincinnati
10/14/13 7:39 am

It's the same with sex ed. You don't want to promote drug use or teenage sex, but you want to stop the spread of disease in both cases, which is why I support both.

Because being realistic you're not going to stop either from happening.

evoecon nearest binary system
10/14/13 3:36 am

Does the "Needle Exchange", actually mean the participant brings back the used needles?

freespirited Ohio
10/13/13 11:00 pm

Question wasn't very clear to me. I clicked yes bc I am all for the Needle Exchange Programs. Inasmuch as I abhor illegal drugs (ASIDES from pot), I support it bc it reduces wicked diseases which cost taxpayers even more. I'm all pro.

10/13/13 7:50 pm

Ever since that program was started I haven't ONCE wanted to try drugs. I don't subscribe to the ridiculousness that it sparks wide spread drug use because it's available. Education is widely distributed for free and people haven't become smarter.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
10/13/13 7:59 pm

That's okay - I'm dyslexia - so I do stuff like that all the time

steelcity Pittsburgh
10/13/13 7:14 pm

Support them? No

trollthepoll Pro Choice
10/13/13 7:36 pm

Really be that surprises me