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CDFL October 14th, 2013 12:55am

A man has a mental breakdown. During this, he murders someone. Should he be punished for his actions? (Assume with certainty this breakdown was a random one-time occurrence, and he had no real control over what he was doing)

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LilL44 Stuck In Suburbia
10/13/13 9:13 pm

Not like complete murder (not positive of the term, sorry) but some punishment should take place, just not nearly as severe as it would have been hasn't he suffered the mental brake down.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
10/13/13 8:11 pm

Treatment - rehabilitation - not punishment

presleyc5 tejas
10/13/13 7:09 pm

Punishment, but certainly not murder 1 or 2. Manslaughter maybe? Maybe a stint in the psyche ward, I don't think jail would be an appropriate punishment in a situation like this. Wow, I think I just gave 2 conflicting opinions. Glad I'm not a judge!

beanD California
10/13/13 6:47 pm

I don't know what they do when people plead insanity in court, but that seems like a good course of action to take.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
10/13/13 7:08 pm

I'm talking more in ideological terms than legal

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
10/13/13 7:10 pm

The main thing I'm asking is if someone is not in control of their actions, should they be punished for them. I was going to ask that same concept in different scenarios, now I'm not so sure I will.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
10/13/13 7:11 pm

Actually I'm just going to ask that directly lol

Ebola1 Florida
10/13/13 6:05 pm

He still has to answer for the crime.