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halsnobordrgrl October 14th, 2013 12:04am

So I went and visited The Old North Bridge today. Have any of you visited a national park/ monument/ memorial since the shutdown?

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susanr Colorado
10/13/13 7:35 pm

No. RMNP is a bit far away for me to walk to. Apparently the state has offered to be responsible for keeping it open during whatever's left of the shutdown, though.

wego Utah
10/13/13 5:54 pm

No. My son had to contribute something to a creative writing contest and he wrote a poem about the old north bridge. We miss Massachusetts.

halsnobordrgrl CT
10/13/13 7:18 pm

Ya mass is great. Glad to hear he wrote about the bridge. I was sad to discover my favorite climbing tree was cut down and my second favorite is dieing.