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MJSeals October 13th, 2013 11:36pm

Republicans: pick one person who you want to run for president from your party. The one with the most likes will run against the democrats choice. Who do you choose?

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rickvee Living the dream
10/13/13 8:20 pm

Here's some random choices... Ted Nugent or Condoleezza Rice

10/13/13 8:02 pm

Ted Cruz. And I liked him before most people knew who he was.

RepMorris Pennsylvania
10/13/13 7:44 pm

Rand Paul (Second choice or VP - Ted Cruz)

political Georgia
10/13/13 5:23 pm

Scott Walker!

CodySTL Southern Illinois
10/13/13 5:03 pm

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Mike Lee.... I like all three of them

political Georgia
10/13/13 5:24 pm

Ted Cruz out of those three!

spicysteve M14D SBS
10/13/13 4:37 pm

Governor Christopher Christie of the not-so-great state of New Jersey.