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Skarface October 13th, 2013 9:22pm

I just sat through 20 freaking minutes of unskippable credits at the end of a video game. The person that decided not to include a skip button should be fired.

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DailyAtheist Religious polls
10/13/13 8:45 pm

The people worked very hard making that game for you. Without them you would be stuck playing pong all day long. The least you can do is watch their names move slowly from the bottom of your screen to the top.

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
10/13/13 9:15 pm

He spent 60+ dollars in the game, the people who made it have no reason to bitch when he decides not to read little names.

Skarface Banned
10/14/13 4:03 am

I don't want to look at the names of every single voice actor for every single language version of the game. I wouldn't have been bored/annoyed enough to post it if it would've only been the makers of the English version.

10/13/13 4:11 pm

Why couldn't you just turn the console off?

suppressedID destiny is right now
10/13/13 3:01 pm

Video games have an end?

MrEdwin Mystery
10/13/13 2:42 pm

First world problems

violence Pretty hate machine
10/13/13 2:31 pm

It's the end. It doesn't matter.

smacc DunningKruger
10/13/13 2:34 pm

What if you want to play again?

violence Pretty hate machine
10/13/13 2:43 pm

Get up and do something for 20 minutes.

violence Pretty hate machine
10/13/13 3:00 pm

Before what? Godzilla destroys your city?

MrEdwin Mystery
10/13/13 3:04 pm

No, before voltorb does.

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
10/13/13 2:24 pm

that is what they make a power button for. I watch the credits if it is something that may have a unique bonus at the end,like Halo.

Skarface Banned
10/14/13 4:04 am

There was an epilogue at the end, and believe me, it wasn't worth it.