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CorblaKhan October 13th, 2013 8:03pm

I am supposed to be writing an article for work. I cannot seem to make any headway. My boss just said he wants it to be longer than originally discussed . Any advice to rid a guy of writers block?

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Emma Austin.ish.
10/13/13 11:47 pm

waiting until the last minute usually works for me. :)

susanr Colorado
10/14/13 10:34 am

That's often the only thing that gets me going, but it almost never results in high-quality work.

bMyComrade Beantown
10/13/13 4:31 pm

When I can't get writing, I write sentence fragments, turns of phrase, and thoughts until my brain agrees to function with me.

ishady 86451132020
10/13/13 1:58 pm

Smoke a doobie.

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/13/13 1:56 pm

Assuming it's on a subject you're remotely knowledgeable about/interested in, start writing in the middle instead of intro to conclusion. Find a part of the topic that grabs you and just start writing from whatever place your mind starts on it.

EarlyBird Portland
10/13/13 1:50 pm

Tell us what your new pic is. Maybe it will get the juices glowing ;)

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/13/13 3:41 pm

I think glowing worked. A unique turn of phrase, at least.

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/13/13 2:12 pm

Ha! That's actually what's distracting me.

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/13/13 2:44 pm

No worries! Stuffed zucchini and lasagna is a worth while distraction. I seem to recall, from my college days, that I write more easily late at night.

EarlyBird Portland
10/13/13 2:45 pm

My goodness! Where did you learn to cook?

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/13/13 2:49 pm

Here and there. My mom, then I lived with a chef for a while, then experimenting with friends in weekly dinners. Doesn't always go well, but it's always entertaining.

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/13/13 2:13 pm

It's an article about a local bakery that just changed owners.

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/13/13 2:13 pm

Yeah... I live in a small town.

KyrstieF Gallifrey
10/13/13 1:17 pm

I like to write stories all the time, but I get writer's block easily. I haven't quite figured out how to lift the block.. Sorry, I'm no help >.<

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/13/13 2:12 pm

I appreciate the solidarity, though.

inge MIA
10/13/13 1:06 pm

I just start writing...anything...even If it's a shopping list. It always gets my creative side out.