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melders October 13th, 2013 8:00pm

Have you ever read anything by Stephen King?

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dyousif Rhode Island
10/14/13 1:04 am

Started to, was way too dragged out for my liking.

10/13/13 9:22 pm

One of my favorite authors. Reading Dr. Sleep right now. I started reading him when I was about 11. My mom had a huge collection and I picked up The Stand after reading Swan Song by Robert McCammon. Similar premise to both.

alek12 Orlando
10/13/13 1:58 pm

Cell is my favorite book by him! Soooo good.

wego Utah
10/13/13 1:56 pm

I used to love his books, but I left somewhere in the middle of Needful Things and haven't gone back.

susanr Colorado
10/13/13 1:11 pm

_Under the Dome_ and _11-22-63_. Plus some short stories, some years ago. I have _The Stand_ around somewhere but haven't read it yet. (I am not a horror fan, so I've avoided much of his stuff.)

Axl752 Ontario
10/13/13 1:09 pm

Stephen King is the best, everything I have ever read by him is amazing

chickencookie disgusted
10/13/13 1:06 pm

I have but not much. I am really enjoying Dean Koontz. Im reading Odd Thomas now and i loved watchers and lightning.