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Arkansas123 October 13th, 2013 5:09pm

A millionaire living in Vermont in 2012 donates $1,000 to the Romney campaign because he supports lower taxes. All his liberal friends at the country club might ostracize him. Should this contribution be disclosed to the public?

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sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
10/15/13 9:05 pm

I would say the liberal friends are bigots guilty of hate crimes.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
10/13/13 4:04 pm

Anonymity should only be allowed for liberal causes

ModerateGOP26 Maine
10/13/13 3:10 pm

From my experience, the folks at the country club in Vermont are still Rockefeller Republicans. Unfortunately you can't get elected simply on the votes of country club goers. You'd be surprised how many people up in VT, NH and Maine would vote...

ModerateGOP26 Maine
10/13/13 3:11 pm

... Republican if not for the socially radical views of the Tea Party crowd (I mean, we were all loyal GOP states for decades until the mid-1990s). As for your question, no I think all should be private.