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pinkreign March 31st, 2013 1:40am

Would you like a Notification filter for SoH?

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FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/31/13 7:01 am

Sort of. I'd like a notification window inside of SoH where you can see them there instead of Notifications because I ended up turning notifications off because there were SOO many notifications of each type, and I need to be able to live my non-SoH life without SoH interrupting every few minutes.

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/31/13 7:49 am

Yep, same here. I had constant interruptions.

susanr Colorado
03/30/13 7:04 pm

You do know you can turn ON or OFF notifications by type?
New polls, comment replies, comment likes, new follower. I turned off comment likes ages ago. Turned off new polls & new follower the day 2.0 was released. Leaves more room for replies.

susanr Colorado
03/30/13 7:07 pm

Y'all know you can increase the number of notifications that stick in the notification center, I hope. That's on your phone of iPad, under SETTINGS - NOTIFICATIONS - then scroll to Show of Hands. Max is 10 on phone and 20 on iPad.

zman117 Ohio
03/30/13 7:09 pm


Zack100 Tatooine
03/30/13 11:18 pm

Thank you Susanr! You have made my life so much easier!!

pinkreign Oh So Sweet
03/31/13 7:53 am

Yes, thank you, Susan!!! I called myself looking for a notification section but I couldn't find it! I knew I followed you for a reason! ????

zman117 Ohio
03/30/13 6:42 pm

There already is one, look in your profile