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raerae12345 March 30th, 2013 10:40pm

Do you live in a state where the majority of residents belong to the same political party as you?

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03/30/13 6:33 pm

Do you lean one way or the other?

jinger New York City
03/30/13 6:37 pm

Ehhh it really depends on the president. I wish there were no parties, the president or politician should do what is right, not what pleases his/her party. That's why I like Chris Christie.

skinner Wisconsin
03/30/13 6:58 pm

Paul and Christie ticket 2016!

raerae12345 Wisconsin
03/30/13 7:45 pm

@Jinger, in my opinion Chris Christie would be a great candidate for president, but one of my teachers, while discussing him, said that probably won't happen because of his size. I can understand that, but it still makes me sad that we focus on appearance and not what he could do for our country.

03/30/13 4:06 pm

Minnesota is very liberal however I live in a smaller area that tends to be more conservative

skinner Wisconsin
03/30/13 4:54 pm

True, I live on a red dot in a blue state, in a blue region, in a blue country, in a blue world...

skinner Wisconsin
03/30/13 3:57 pm

In fact I really hate my state government

03/30/13 4:07 pm

What do you disagree with?

skinner Wisconsin
03/30/13 4:13 pm

its a liberals paradise:
1. We banned honor roll because it makes people feel bad.
2. We banned swearing because it might offend someone
3. You can be married at age 12 to your first cousin
4. We give our prisoners sex changes
5. We are a one-party state, reps never win.

03/30/13 4:20 pm

Wow that's in Massachusetts? How do you ban swearing?

skinner Wisconsin
03/30/13 4:26 pm

You get fined like a couple hundred bucks