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Show Of Hands June 20th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think Roger Clemens used steroids?

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06/23/12 11:03 am

I read a summary of the case history. There didn't seem to be any evidence against him. Also, he's still really big and works out constantly. Judging by this poll, an innocent man's name has been ruined. And 3/4 of you voted yes. Tyranny of the majority in full effect.

CG Texas
06/22/12 8:06 am

Nope. Court said he wasn't juicing.

lmurder MDK
06/22/12 1:36 am

Roger Clemens is a racist redneck who needs juice for his game and an aesterik in the record books.
Should have cut out his tongue.

06/21/12 11:30 am

Congress made itself look stupid. Again.

06/21/12 8:50 am

Hgh is not a steroid. It is to help muscles heal which is harder as you pass 35 years old.

06/21/12 7:53 am

Yeah but no need to waste taxpayer dollars having a congressional hearing and trial.

because South Dakota
06/20/12 10:52 pm

yes but there is nothing wrong with that

iwearacrwn TEXAS
06/20/12 9:42 pm

@Prearoian who cares is right! Seriously please don't ruin other people's heros with this BS some people actually had skill and now that you have methods to go back in time and try to question some actual talent.. Get over it!!

yeast Story Time
06/20/12 6:38 pm

Has anyone figured out why the care?

06/20/12 6:35 pm

Sad that our government wasted our tax $ on the trial for no reason. Ridiculous actually. Just another reason to clean house in DC. Time to take out the trash.

TideGal CFL
06/20/12 6:31 pm

I do think he did, but I don't care and no more taxpayer dollars should be spent on finding out if pro-athletes do steroids. I think the congressman who brought this up just wanted to meet the all-star.

blakestr San Diego
06/20/12 6:18 pm

Yes, but who really cares? Every1 in sports takes steroids. Give it a break

fotoguy Florida
06/20/12 6:03 pm

I think Roger used steroids and then lied to Congress. But so what? Congress lies to us every day.

Patimen California
06/20/12 5:51 pm

Sheep. Government told me, it must be true!

06/20/12 5:11 pm

Of course he did but it was a waste of time to investigate.

06/20/12 4:34 pm

How many times was The Rocket tested? Lance says he was tested over 500 times. Yet never tested positive? Do you think these guys moon light as biochemists so that they can beat the system? Now public opinion wants to believe the drug dealers instead of the tests.

06/20/12 4:30 pm

Worst poll question, move on please. New one, please.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
06/20/12 4:22 pm

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06/20/12 3:43 pm

Next question please....

06/20/12 3:18 pm

Sure, but who really cares.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
06/20/12 3:07 pm

Who cares. Base ball is boring. Maybe they ought to start a steroid only baseball league. You HAVE to use to get in. That woul be in.

SwolePatro Georgia
06/20/12 2:42 pm

If you say no you obviously don't watch or play many sports

06/20/12 2:38 pm

I remember him head-hunting Mike Piazza in the World Series and thinking, "what's up with this guy? Is he on something?"

jamesmay Tampa
06/20/12 2:33 pm

Honestly, I don't care if any of them did, they were a blast to watch!

Fiji New York
06/20/12 2:06 pm

As disappointing as it might be to say it, I assume that they are all using things and that there are very very few professional athletes today who have not taken some banned performance enhancer. They should probably just allow steroids at this point.

06/20/12 1:16 pm

Yea no one pitches that well for that long. He used to be one of my favorite players before the roids

06/20/12 1:10 pm

Um, yes!! Everybody thinks he did.

Bekka Just relaxing...
06/20/12 1:00 pm

Hmm, I guess I don't know or really care...

kittee California
06/20/12 12:19 pm

If your favorite baseball player looks like your favorite pro-wrestler, he's doing something. If they want to destroy their reproductive organs to hit farther, I guess it's up to them.

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
06/20/12 12:06 pm

A lot of the did. Only a few got caught. Hopefully it's not as widespread as it once was, but I doubt it.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/20/12 11:44 am

I've often thought all leagues should finally even the playing field, by mandating that ALL athletes take steroids! Or, divide leagues into 2 groups: Those that juice, those who abstain. This is currently done in bodybuilding! Athletes should all slowly kill themselves, for OUR viewing pleasure!

06/20/12 11:44 am

The real question is......who cares

timeout Boston Strong
06/20/12 11:14 am

Manny Ramirez? Your kidding right! He's just getting off suspension for testing positive. He's been caught a few times.

DamageInc California
06/20/12 10:56 am

I think he did, but what does my opinion matter?

06/20/12 10:04 am

Many juiced and never got busted.

catey Pennsylvania
06/20/12 9:59 am

Probably but I really don't care.

timeout Boston Strong
06/20/12 9:42 am

Rodger Clemens was the best pitcher to come out of the Red Sox system. The records that he broke and the number that he but up were unbelievable. But one only has to look at the end of his career, those stats, pitching in his 40s for Houston.
Yes he did no matter what the Federal jury said....

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/20/12 9:35 am

Probably, but it's for the league to punish if he did, not the justice system. Only the issue of possible perjury is a legal concern. Other than that, I could care less if he did or didn't.