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Mandatory school uniforms: good idea or bad idea? (UQ)

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14years Georgia
09/30/12 8:58 am

This seems to be an argument about weather we should have uniforms because there is no reason not to, or not have uniforms be cause there is no good reason to have them. In an argument like this, I believe that power should not be expanded simply because there is no reason not to expand it.

09/29/12 9:28 am

Freakin' a grownups! How would you like to wear a hot, itchy uniform to work?(if you already do, how do you like it?) You guys are so selfish and have no respect for kids. There is NO reason for uniforms, a dress code yes, but uniforms don't help anything.

09/28/12 9:18 pm

As George carlin said, "bad theory and not new either I saw the idea in newsreels in the 30s but it was hard to understand because the narration was in German"

09/26/12 8:19 pm

As someone in high school, I prefer seeing some girls in yoga pants. And then there are whales who think leggings are pants.

captain12345 Tennessee
09/26/12 2:25 am

I think it would be stupid for mandatory uniforms people should be able to wear what they want some kids are so mean and it doesn't matter what u wear if a kid wants to get into another kids head for shits and giggles that kid will

09/26/12 12:29 am

Schools have disrespectful children because they don't have enough freedom. Sit down, shut up, and toe the line is not a way to gain respect. You get the respect you give, and schools in no way respect children.

09/25/12 11:03 pm

Kids will find other things besides clothes to make fun of each other for. No matter what, that's just the way it goes. So we shouldn't take away their means of expressing themselves. That's a big part of growing up is figuring out who you are and showing it off.

09/25/12 8:41 pm

Someone will always be picked's the way of the world. Why shield high schoolers from this when they are supposed to be preparing for the real world

madstrike36 Illinois
09/25/12 8:11 pm

War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.

madstrike36 Illinois
09/25/12 8:10 pm

Don't like uniforms, but at least have guidelines that are followed. "No short shorts, shoulders covered, Ect."
If everyone had uniforms I see a 1984 idea coming...

calloveca California
09/25/12 7:45 pm

I had to wear uniform in middle school. it should be mandatory. kids respect one another better. also you go to school to learn not to focus on someone's outfit. school is not a fashion contest.

tuvwxyz New York
09/25/12 3:42 pm

Dont like the idea of uniforms, feel like it takes away a lot of creativity, originality & growing but whatever floats people's boats. Im a fan of dress codes though, but they should be enforced well & not super crazy. At my old school & my currant they are weakly enforced so there's little point.

09/25/12 1:04 pm

Yes you can. Parents don't wash their kids uniform or it gets stains and they don't have the money for a new uniform that is overpriced and highschool kids will immediately have a reason to cut somebody down. It's not like because they are wearing a uniform they won't find a reason to cut them down.

09/25/12 12:59 pm

Parenting might have a rather large role in regards to the disrespect of children. Throwing a uniform on a kid won't make them respect anybody any more or less.

09/24/12 11:06 pm

I was forced to wear a uniform when I was a kid. I'm in my 40's now and still detest the idea. I was just like 'just william'. If not worse. I'm married to Violet Elizabeth. :-)

shyriath1 Ware Ye the Dragon
09/24/12 2:36 pm

Ah, nice. We've almost eliminated creativity and critical thinking in schools, so let's make everyone look the same and finish the job.

Look, I'm fine with a reasonable dress code. There's no harm in having standards. But uniforms are for soldiers, police, Scouts, even... not schools.

cat3675 Bowling Green, KY
09/24/12 8:28 am

When I lived in south Florida they were mandatory. Now we live in south central KY and my daughter, who is 17, still prefers them

selectyour San Diego
09/24/12 6:19 am

Uniforms are good. No social class problems.

And this is coming from a a high schooler whose dad probably makes more money than anyone on SoH

09/24/12 2:19 am

I was in grade school when they decided to go from no uniform to uniforms, we all hated it. BUT looking back, it really was a good decision. I would rather send my children to a school with uniforms. High school is a little different though.

spoonrock North Carolina
09/23/12 9:38 pm

@gryff, if you don't want to compete with others about what you wear, then don't, it's ridiculous to do do anyways. Even with uniforms, unless they are provided by the school, there could still be some rivalry with what brands people are wearing. Let the students express themselves through dress!

09/23/12 9:37 pm

It could be a good thing, but my school has gone overboard. I can wear 1 of 4 colors (black white navy yellow) of collared shirts, and khakis. And tucked in at all times, with no logos. Kids getting sent out of class because of a logo is opposite to what they should be attempting to do. Rediculous.

spoonrock North Carolina
09/23/12 9:36 pm

@gryff, if you dont want to compete with others about

KellyPA Pennsylvania
09/23/12 8:31 pm

I wore uniforms in elementary school and greatly preferred it over no uniforms in middle and high school.

Nerdz Texas
09/23/12 7:22 pm

The school that I attend have a uniform policy and I love it. You don't have to "compete" with what everyone else is wearing :)

09/23/12 7:17 pm

It may help some kids to express themselves in more ways than dress! They can put all that energy into art or music!

09/23/12 7:16 pm

It acts a security measure. Commands unity as a school community. So many more reasons.

09/23/12 7:16 pm

As someone who wore normal clothes until high school, I can definitely argue in favor of uniforms. They make it so much easier on us pressure wise. Especially as a female, pressure to look right is high. Everyone looks the same, so you can't put others down for what they are wearing.

Ranks New Jersey
09/23/12 6:48 pm

We should do this together as a country. Kids would get more of a School Pride & Spirit. Also Children would pay attention more. Kids would also learn to not PRE-judge as much.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
09/23/12 6:44 pm

Uniforms for all. We should also have a mandatory enlistment in the Armed Services.

GirlOnFire Ohio
09/23/12 6:34 pm

Bad!! I go to high school and would absolutely hate uniforms! And lol at the age filters.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
09/23/12 4:43 pm

for all the money they cost, they could at least make school uniforms attractive. I understand the purpose of uniforms, but I would have been miserable if I ever had to wear them.

catey Pennsylvania
09/23/12 2:52 pm

Honestly uniforms would not make my school look any more sophisticated... So why waste the money?

cowboy Proud Father
09/23/12 2:42 pm

Yeah school uniforms will turn us into China.... Give me a break.

09/23/12 2:38 pm

Having uniforms also cost a lot of extra money. Buying a set of clothes for at school then at home is too much

09/23/12 2:36 pm

Cowboy you clearly are a very strict an unimaginably capable person having uniforms is the reason some of these kids are becoming gothic and because of people like you kids have no imagination and are joining a dull America we need creativity, this is the USA not china

ning99 Neverland
09/23/12 2:01 pm

Kids should be able to express themselves and wear whatever they want.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
09/23/12 1:40 pm

I'm fine with them either way. I went to a non-uniform school, but I wouldn't have minded uniforms.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
09/23/12 1:26 pm


And yet so many girls at my school dress inappropriate do what do you think that tells us?

cowboy Proud Father
09/23/12 1:20 pm

Let them complain. They're children. They have no say in these matters.

cowboy Proud Father
09/23/12 1:19 pm

Kids have freedom of expression? Where's that in the Constitution?

Hawkn Texas
09/23/12 1:10 pm

No way! Let's worry about teaching students instead of what they wear. Students would complain and claim that their freedom of expression was being violated...just teach them

siccmade Arlington tx
09/23/12 12:49 pm

Just another way to make people conform. I would want my kids to have some type of creative expression

WillowTree Arizona
09/23/12 12:48 pm

Uniforms take away the ability to express yourself through wardrobe.

kaybird007 earth
09/23/12 12:41 pm

I go to a uniform school, i have also gone to a non uniform school, and I dont think it really makes a difference, except in price

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/23/12 12:12 pm

@ADOG: Your comment made me change my answer to bad. School might be the one place they don't NEED to wear one, so why take that away?