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Show Of Hands June 9th, 2012 12:00am

Are you watching any of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament?

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06/14/12 9:09 pm

And David Beckham is gorgeous!

06/14/12 9:07 pm

I don't enjoy watching soccer just because it isn't my sport. But I can see why people would like it... It's cool when they do the dives and stuff.

06/14/12 12:39 am

Soccer isn't wimpy - sometimes you have to throw a ball from the sideline - limp wrists won't do.
My favorite team just secured the advance - I'll eat an orange on that just like Germany did :)

StNik North Carolina
06/13/12 2:38 am

Whoa madstrike- soccer players do not run for 90 minutes. They sprint, jog, walk, run, stand, yell at the ref, fake injuries, wait for corners, free kicks, and throw-ins. That's what I see when I play and watch soccer.

Of course I'm watching Euro. Soccer is an amazing sport to watch.

zXCsquaredXz Ohio
06/11/12 8:28 pm

I've watched every game so far and don't plan on missing any of them

madstrike36 Illinois
06/11/12 8:00 pm

For all the people who say soccer is a wimpy sport, go out and play in one of the high school leagues. Try to run 3 miles in 18 mins just to be part of the team. Once you can and think it is easy, now run for 90 minutes. Each sport had their own challenges, don't knock it down unless you can compete

06/10/12 9:46 pm

Do not underestimate Croatia - they kicked Germany out in 1998.

06/10/12 8:38 pm

in high school the guys who weren't good enough to make the football. team played soccer

06/10/12 7:00 pm

To all the ignorant people, in case you didn't know, soccer is the world's most popular sport. Which is why this country's stagnant mentality with American sports isn't going to get us anywhere in the future. Good luck to all of you playing sports popular only within the states and not worldwide.

Nerdz Texas
06/10/12 6:21 pm

I saw the Ireland vs Croatia

lmurder MDK
06/10/12 5:20 pm

I had to play in high school. Starting midfield/striker and hated every second of it. Football and basketball is where it's at.
Have fun kicking a ball around.

SwolePatro Georgia
06/10/12 4:00 pm

The only thing worse than watching soccer is hockey. It's fun to play but brutal to watch

06/10/12 3:46 pm

I don't get why people hate on so many sports. Soccer is awesome, but so is American football I love watching both. And anyone who says soccer is for pussies has obviously never played competitively. I like watching and playing every sport. Except for baseball. But to each their own.

daver141a New York
06/10/12 1:55 pm

The Irish really got screwed by that ref...

esp Warwick RI
06/10/12 9:36 am

Soccer a sport played by damaged people

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/10/12 9:34 am

I've really gotten in to all the euro soccer with all the NATO people we get here. They really open your eyes to whole 'nother cultures.

06/10/12 8:26 am

look at the poll no state in the union gives a damn about soccer lol. it's a thief world sport

06/10/12 8:23 am

let a soccer player run into James Harrison lol

06/10/12 8:23 am

let a soccer player run into James Harrison lol

Quinnipiac Here
06/10/12 8:11 am

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chrismisen atlanta
06/10/12 8:08 am

leftocentr, maybe we're different? no need to conform to sports tastes. the nfl, nba, and nhl all are more interesting to me. i could really care less about the euro cup. but i hope all you guys enjoy it.

leftocentr Oregon
06/10/12 8:00 am

Every other major country in the world loves soccer (aka the real football). What the hell is the matter with us? I guess we just like a lot of commercials in our sports when we watch them on TV. Maybe it is the TV timeouts that slows down all US sports? All sports should have a non-stop clock.

06/10/12 7:59 am

The opener (Greece vs Poland) was intense! Hopefully all the games are close!

06/10/12 7:42 am

I live in the US but am currently in Berlin, Germany and attended the fan viewing with 100,000 people last night. It is hard to imagine hardly anyone in America caring about it after watching it with Europeans!

06/10/12 7:12 am

Soccer sucks... The riots after the games are fun thou.

06/10/12 6:35 am

"The private sector is so foreign to Obama he might need a passport to go visit. He might need a translator to talk to people in the private sector." Bobby Jindal

offbeat California
06/10/12 1:33 am

Everyone thinks whichever sport they watch is the best. Same as music, everyone thinks the type of music they like is the best.

Personally I think soccer is cool, and Europe has the best quality in the world right now so I'll be watching.

Rooting for Holland and England! :)

06/10/12 12:58 am

Golf - isn't that the sport where people over 70 years old wheezingly push a cart and occasionally swing a club?
Moohaha, I'm all for soccer.

06/10/12 12:53 am

Here is a tough one. Which one would you choose to watch PGA GOLF or SOCCER?

Isomax TIC TOC
06/09/12 10:57 pm

I spend my time on NFL and NHL.

06/09/12 10:25 pm

Despite my paternal ancestry from Georgia, my Mom is straight from Stuttgart, the German town where they make Mercedes.
The only sport I like better than soccer is ice hockey.
There, I root for Canada :)

06/09/12 10:08 pm

I do, mainly from a sport bar.
Germany just beat Portugal.
Actually I think soccer is more dynamic and interesting than football - but in America, it doesn't catch on despite former world champ Beckenbauer having trained Cosmos NY.

06/09/12 9:50 pm

No. Soccer is much more interesting than baseball though.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
06/09/12 9:48 pm

My point earlier was just that NASCAR is way more thrilling than soccer. It's like a roller coaster and and Easter egg hunt. No comparison

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
06/09/12 9:45 pm

I understand most people don't like racing, but most don't like it because they haven't grown up around it and don't understand it. It's so much more than cars driving in circles. Anyone that says that is just ignorant.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
06/09/12 9:43 pm

Not the true fans... We love good racing. Wrecks just are another opportunity for my driver to get knocked out of the race.

14573 Scary Numbers
06/09/12 9:36 pm

Well I just don't really care how fast you can make a car go around a corner, and you know half of the people watching are hoping for some epic accident at 200mph.