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Do raw vegetables still count as healthy food if they are dipped generously in ranch dressing?

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susanr Colorado
01/05/13 12:22 am

How does fat-free ranch trash the liver? I don't think either fat-free or regular *commercial* varieties are at all healthful. Agree with you that the "real" stuff is pretty OK. I don't eat any of it, except rarely.

susanr Colorado
01/05/13 12:20 am

I think of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. And then there's fiber, which is pretty lacking in the general American diet. I don't think antioxidants are taken from the soil; I think they re produced by the plant, and probably the same for vitamins.

susanr Colorado
01/05/13 12:18 am

I haven't seen that evidence that that's true. Do you have some? And hasn't most of the nutritional testing that forms the base of what we think is in vegetables been done on store-bought vegetables in the first place? And if it were true carrots wouldn't be orange. Which micronutrients do you mean?

01/04/13 2:38 pm

I like the way you think. That's exactly what I was thinking.

01/04/13 2:37 pm

It's still a raw vegetable regardless of what it is dipped in. It's still healthy, even if the dressing isn't necessarily healthy. You will still get the benefits of it.

InBox485 California
01/04/13 9:03 am

This is also assuming the raw vegetables are worth anything. Most of the nutrient value of vegetables have to do with micro nutrients taken from soil. Store bought vegetables trend to be devoid.

InBox485 California
01/04/13 9:01 am

Really depends on the ranch. Is it that fat free crap that trashes your liver? Or is it make from soy fillers with enough round up to use the ranch as weed and feed on your lawn? Or is it real stuff with the type of fat people should be eating?

stilicho Terra La La
01/02/13 4:51 pm

Of course they're still healthy- the dressing doesn't change their consistency. The question should be does all that dressing negate the nutritional value of the veggies.

thinker2 nc
12/31/12 3:16 pm

That's the only way they get eaten at my house. Hope they're healthy :-)

dotails DotUrTsAndCrossUrEyes
12/30/12 10:09 pm

Technically yes raw vegetables are healthy but the dressing is not you will get some bad stuff from the dressing but you will get essential nutrients from the vegetables. So it's better to eat them with ranch than not eating them at all.

susanr Colorado
12/29/12 7:20 pm

Neither of which have been banned, either. Anywhere (as far as I know, and can imagine).

12/29/12 3:13 pm

They're still healthy food. They just happen to be healthy food dipped in unhealthy food.

12/29/12 10:27 am

Exactly, count the dressing separate. Or use fat free sour scream with your ranch mix and it's all healthy!

cowboy Dog Father
12/29/12 10:09 am

Kiera Yeah I know. Next thing you know they will try to ban soda and salt... Oh. Wait. Nevermind...

chile safer than congress
12/29/12 9:50 am

Agree 100%. It cannot be used for several athletes either. Otherwise players of football, hockey, and a few other sports that aim for strength and size would be considered "obese".

12/29/12 9:16 am

It asked "if raw vegetables still count as healthy food". The nutritional makeup of the vegetables is not changing, no matter what it's dipped in. You want the question changed to suit your answer. It's not rocket science...

innate1 Georgia
12/29/12 7:35 am

BMI is a terrible way to measure people, I'm borderline obese with my height and weight yet 8% bf. I'm pretty sure that's not fat. There are more natural forms of ranch, just use that and avoid the hydrogenated oils.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/29/12 7:16 am

The dressing may or may not be. But the veggies still are.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/29/12 2:55 am

Pretty sure raw carrots drenched in dressing aren't going to make anyone fat. Bic Macs, lack of exercise, and hyperthyroid problems certainly might though.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/29/12 2:52 am

I used the same logic to answer.

snacks East Bumfart
12/29/12 1:11 am

A lot of fat and dumb people out there!

12/28/12 11:24 pm

Btw 3 oz fat free ranch have only 90 kcal and that would be a generous coating for a helping of veggies.

12/28/12 11:22 pm

Try a zero calorie diet for 2 months and you'll see how important calories are for your health.
If you're still breathing after 2 months.

12/28/12 11:12 pm

MSG makes food more savory.
It causes craving the same way a beautifully designed car causes a craving to possess it if you like cars.
Doesn't mean we should make cars ugly to help the environment.
Heck, why not add bitter agents to make food less attractive.
Works with anti nailbiting nail polish ;

12/28/12 10:48 pm

Ranch doesn't kill nutrients so I say healthy. Now if the question was "Is it healthy to eat raw vegetables dipped generously in ranch dressing?" I'd say no.

anonymousmn Minnesota
12/28/12 10:47 pm

The vegetables themselves are still healthy. The ranch not so much. Adding the ranch doesn't change the nutritional value of the vegetable.

donyewest Georgia
12/28/12 10:27 pm

No. Also, gross.

12/28/12 10:23 pm

No way. That's why I always dip mine in chocolate!

12/28/12 10:13 pm

But if you're going to eat a "healthy" snack or something it's not healthy anymore if you drown it in unhealthy dressings.

susanr Colorado
12/28/12 10:07 pm

Yeah, carbs are broken down into simple sugars. Glucose is the main fuel that your body uses for energy. It's not evil. You can force your body to burn fats instead of glucose, but you go into ketosis, a state that has some negative consequences. Not worth it in my opinion.

12/28/12 9:47 pm

A majority of ranch dressings have mono sodium glutamate, otherwise known as MSG which causes you to crave food! This seasoning is helping make our society obese!

fourwinds box of rain
12/28/12 9:33 pm

But then the combination of these foods can't be considered "healthy."

fourwinds box of rain
12/28/12 9:30 pm

It's like eating a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on it -- not healthy.

fourwinds box of rain
12/28/12 9:29 pm

Considering how many calories are contained in Ranch dressing, I'd have to say no.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/28/12 7:46 pm

Probably isn't fresh healthy veggie either...

Wert A picture of my junk
12/28/12 7:06 pm

The raw veggies are still healthy. What you dip them in will not change that. The dip, on the other hand, may not be.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
12/28/12 7:04 pm

Moderation is key to healthy eating. The word generously caused a no vote form me on this one.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
12/28/12 7:02 pm

Carbs convert to sugar which damages & clogs your arteries.
Eggs are good fat. The oil could be, if it's olive or safflower or that like.

liberalD Massachusetts
12/28/12 6:26 pm

Lol clearly not... A mcky Ds salad has as much calories as there big mac...

susanr Colorado
12/28/12 5:54 pm

I think homemade LOW-fat is a good compromise.

susanr Colorado
12/28/12 5:54 pm

Depends on how you make it. Commercial nonfat ranch is full of sugar and starchy thickeners, at least the last time I looked at a bottle or package. Homemade can be pretty local, using almost any combo of nonfat yogurt, mayo (not always good in itself), sour cream, buttermilk, & your own seasonings.

susanr Colorado
12/28/12 5:50 pm

Huh. "day" was supposed to be "fat."

susanr Colorado
12/28/12 5:48 pm

Carbs don't automatically clog your arteries. ;And "clogged arteries" don't necessarily mean a person is day, either.) Up to a point your body uses glucose as *fuel.* Excess glucose may be stored as fat.