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vereiste Washington
06/23/12 2:59 am

Meh, Cat's in the Cradle. He was a violent archconservative catholic nut. He didn't change until we hit back.

StaffSgtKip Florida
06/22/12 11:23 am

Best man I knew. Rest in peace Poppy :'(

smiley12 California
06/21/12 10:18 am

My dad is my angel and I wouldn't be anything without him. In my heart, I consider him to be the greatest man in the world. <3

jonnyT Florida
06/21/12 8:39 am

I love my father very much. He was a terrific dad. It's just that my bar for 'great man' is very high. Like George Washington an Socrates high.

06/21/12 7:57 am

I can't say that he's even a good one. Walked out on Xmas '01 when my mom found out he was looking for a small apartment to meet up with other women...I don't really have too many memories of him living with us, but he was abusive. I still see him at least twice a month but we've never been close.

06/21/12 5:59 am

He is not a bad man. We've all made mistakes. But he isn't great. Nor am I, so it's not like I'm passing judgement. You don't have to be great to earn my love.

06/20/12 10:55 pm

My mother has been my father All my life. I truly love and respect that woman infinitely.

Jzz California
06/19/12 8:43 pm

Dad gave all he could for us. Went without and dropped everything to help us whenever we needed help. It was an honor to care for him during his last year of life. He passed in January 5 days after his 84th bday. Miss you Dad.

06/19/12 7:50 pm

My dad was an abusive alcoholic. I've spent years in therapy dealing with the after effects.

valeriejo ramble on
06/19/12 7:25 pm

Didn't help that after he divorced my mom he married a b*tch..

valeriejo ramble on
06/19/12 7:24 pm

Perhaps then I can change my answer to this question.

valeriejo ramble on
06/19/12 7:24 pm

My father is a good man, but great? I can't really say. He cheated on my mom, so that really drove a knife thru our relationship. He did support me growing up, although I never felt very close to him. Very confusing question. I still hope to get closer to my dad and figure him out one day..

06/19/12 5:09 pm

My dad was an amazing person. He was always so happy and always making people feel good about themselves. He died 4 years ago a week after my 13th birthday and I miss him so much and wish he was still here<3 love you dad<3

06/19/12 8:11 am

My dad was a Vietnam vet who brought guns with him everywhere he went, cheated on my mom, and abandoned me. Awesome dad. He's dead now, surprisingly enough.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
06/19/12 8:07 am

For Suro: control freaks sort of fall into the category of Jekyll-Hyde, I think. They can control themselves enough to put on a good show for everyone, so outsiders are often fooled. However, when the doors are closed they revert to what they really are: small, frightened people who are not much.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
06/19/12 8:03 am

He did the best he could with what he knew and had... And even if he didn't, he's my father and I will say he is great all my life.

EarlyBird Portland
06/19/12 6:59 am

Suro- children deserve a loving, solid foundation to begin their lives with. Sorry you and your siblings didn't get it. In the end, your dad lost one of the greatest joys life offers: loving and parenting a child.

suro New York
06/19/12 5:59 am

(continued) and died alone. We went to his wake just to make sure it was him lying in that box. Then we knew we were truly free. You never know what gies on behind closed doors. Everyone thought he was such a wonderful man but we knew differently. A real Jekyll and Hyde; a total control freak.

suro New York
06/19/12 5:56 am

He was a good material provider but the physical violence, temper, and unpredictability of his outbursts were not worth it. One day my mom and my brother, sister, and I simply left (yes, we planned secretly ahead) and started our lives over. Best thing we have ever done. He was a broken man after

06/19/12 12:59 am

The question doesn't ask if your father was a GREAT DAD. It asks if he was a GREAT MAN.

I have little doubt many of these fathers were GOOD men, but great? To me, the greatness of a man extends beyond his family. What kind of impact did he have on his community?

06/18/12 6:38 pm

My dad broke his back to make sure we had food on the table.

hazel Tennessee
06/18/12 6:04 pm

My father adored my mother he worked 16 hr days to support his 6 children and took us on a picnic at least once a month....I loved him very much.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
06/18/12 4:49 pm

My Dad is my best friend. He's the best dad a person could ever ask for. I love my dad and cherish the cool ass bond we have. God couldn't of blessed me with a better Father.

06/18/12 12:28 pm

My father was 15 when I was confirmed and left the day he found out my mommy was pregnant. To this day I've still never met him.

dabrat East Coast
06/18/12 12:01 pm

He was wonderful! Funny, compassionate, exciting and hip. I miss him.

GirlOnFire Ohio
06/18/12 11:33 am

Hearing about these not-so-good dads increases my gratitude for my amazing dad.

Window Pennsylvania
06/18/12 10:56 am

My father abused my mother, my brother, and me. He also cheated on my mother. I hate him.

06/18/12 9:09 am

I believe we are talking about the category, "Fathers" not comparing your father with the founding fathers, the father of our country or the heavenly type. Why make it so hard? It's a simple question about your father on fathers day...

modernrock Ohio
06/17/12 10:51 pm

I guess democrats are a result of bad parenting...

AnnieM The Island
06/17/12 10:40 pm

Yes. Very much so. His dad, no, not in the least and I'm glad my dad was able to break the tradition of abusive, drunk, worthless fathers.

06/17/12 10:25 pm

My dad is very funny and nice, even though sometimes he yells :)

Dream Hogwarts
06/17/12 9:47 pm

My dad is great! I am such a daddy's girl! My dad is funny, serious, hard-working, and loving. He is so awesome, he doesn't deserve to lose his job! Happy Father's Day Daddy and good luck job hunting!

-Digger Dooley

giottoblu Connecticut
06/17/12 9:00 pm

I love my dad with all of my heart, but he's not Gandhi or anything. He does honest work for honest pay, loves his kids, and is a wonderful guy in general but not "a great man" as we normally think of them.

06/17/12 8:54 pm

He might have been if he had stuck around long enough for me to meet him.

06/17/12 8:50 pm

He had issues but in my eyes, YES.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/17/12 8:27 pm

He's from the tip man family. HECK YEAH!!

sukiemac Michigan
06/17/12 8:05 pm

Absolutely !! Miss him every day.

06/17/12 8:03 pm

My dad was loving, decent, honest, respectful, funny. He is the best man I have ever p

monkeyy Ohio
06/17/12 7:38 pm

…how do i know i have a great father? Because of the opposition. Reading comments about some not-so-great fathers, I am more appreciative of how great my father is. There can be multiple great fathers. :)

06/17/12 7:37 pm

Verbally abused my mon and refused to buy food from the grocery store for her when pregnant. unfortunately no.

monkeyy Ohio
06/17/12 7:37 pm

@moonshot some definitions of great:
Wonderful, Very good, Notable, Remarkable, Important, Of noble character, Excellent, Talented, Admirable, Respected, Deserving, Commendable.
I'm sure this list describes many fathers, including mine…

moonshot More often I know nothing
06/17/12 7:18 pm

We can't all be right, you know. What percentage of the population can be considered great? I would say no more than 0.05% at most. Most of us believe that we have good fathers, but even that is suspect. Define "great".